April 15, 2012

The “summer’s nearly here!” crafternoon

Here are some things we established today at the crafternoon:
1. Summer is nearly here!
2. Argh that means it’s nearly time to put air conditioning units back in!
3. We have *finally* reached a critical mass of Jennifers (3 present, 1 sent regrets)
4. Mimosas are ace!

As you can see, the conversation at crafternoons is both topical *and* intellectual. And, as usual, the output was highly productive: this time, Melissa showed us how to make wrapped rhinestone bracelets. After Anna had established which colour rhinestones are easiest to wrap (I believe the answer is green), we all set about constructing our bracelets, while trying to avoid supergluing fingers together. Which is easier said than done when dealing with glue which could build a house.

We used strips of rhinestones, bits of leather, and embroidery thread to put them together:

This naturally required much concentration, a mimosa, and at least two British-style Rice Krispie chocolate easter nests with mini eggs each (thanks Lauren!):

Et voila! Just like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, only… young professional ladies in their late 20s/early 30s. Which is almost exactly the same.

Let me know what you think!