January 19, 2014

Sock monkeys are so 2013. Bring on the glove squirrels!

Happy new crafternoon year! The Greater Boston Area breathed a sigh of relief as the year finally got off to a start with the first crafternoon of the season.
Emulating the great sock monkey crafternoon of yore, we set out once again to construct cute little animals made of clothing… this time: glove squirrels!
Crafternoon Ideas: Glove Squirrels!
We followed this great tutorial that I found on Pinterest via Lark Crafts – unfortunately the original source seems to have been lost.
We had a few new appearances, all showing stellar levels of craftiness…

 Well, I say stellar. This is Ms Biden, asking “so what do I do now?!?!” Oh, Biden.

And here’s one of the little cuties with a fabric covered nose!

And the final masterpieces, hanging out as squirrels are wont to do.

Another successful crafternoon, ladies!

3 thoughts on “Sock monkeys are so 2013. Bring on the glove squirrels!

  1. Katy Patzel says:

    I’m going to have to make one of these for my niece. Such a great idea!

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