October 27, 2013

A patriotic crafternoon

After a hiatus, Crafternoon returns! 
Another enthusiastic group of crafting ladies met for some embroidery and chat, and the Dowager Countess was nowhere to be seen: 
Nina got *very* excited by the amazing snacks including a variety of pumpkin baked goods to fulfill Lisa’s cravings for pumpkin goods (but we all look forward to sharing a pumpkin ale come January…)

We decided to do a patriotic embroidery project: backstitching the outline of Massachusetts, with a cute little button over Boston. Very Pinterest, darlings.

And here are the final creations!
Jenny’s sophisticated minimalist version:

Lisa’s alternative project: fruity napkins! Very skilled. 

Tina’s lovely version:

Nina’s blue and pink masterpiece:

aaaaand Courtney decided not to display her handiwork: I think because she fears copying by the international art world…

And finally, my almost-finished love letter to my adopted hometown. Go Boston!

Let me know what you think!