April 30, 2012

Great at sewing, rubbish at blogging

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks…. and yet no blog posts. Curious! The main reason is that taking grainy pictures with my camera propped up on the ironing board, using the timer, seems to be an injustice to garments which took many many hours of sewing (and, ahem, seam ripping). But no fear, dear readers! A photoshoot is coming ever-so-soon. And there you shall see:

– my first proper, wearable wrap dress!
– two lovely Liberty-print Colette Sorbettos: one for each Cashmerette!
– a stretch jersey maxi skirt, inspired by a Gilt Group daily deal
– a Thakoon silk panel maxi skirt (lined with chiffon, no less) which was at triumph of hope over the-fear-of-cutting-into-very-expensive-fabric.


Watch this space!

Let me know what you think!