June 4, 2012

Crafternoon: Late Edition

 Brace yourself, readers, for a radical shake-up has occurred: crafternoons no longer take place on Sunday afternoons! That’s right: with the onset of the Bostonian summer (which, this Sunday, displayed itself with a mild drizzle) we have shifted to DCT (“Daylight Crafting Time”) and now meet on Sunday evenings.

Have you recovered? Have a cup of tea and a quick sit-down. That’s right. Better? Good.

So this crafternoon we welcomed two new members, Kate and Emily, and we old-timers showed them how it’s done.

 Specifically, we all made fabric rosette necklaces using this delightful tutorial from PatternRunway.com, which offers a much cheaper alternative to the accessories department of Anthropologie:

As per, lots of wine-drinking, tasty-snacking, gossiping, and sewing instruction took place:

We kept our crafting energy up thanks to many delicious things including a marinated chicken and asparagus salad, a home-made taboule, and a crafternoon first: desserts made by an attending pastry chef!: 

The crafting process itself was relatively straightforward, once we figured out that Gorilla Glue doesn’t work on fabric. 
– Make a strip of fabric, tie a knot in it, then wind the fabric around, twisting it upside down occasionally:

– make a few different ones in various sizes and colours:

– sew tiny beads into the centres:

– Arrange them onto a felt backing, sew on, and then attach some fetching ribbon.

–  Then proudly display!

 Here’s Kate’s extremely neat and polished polka-dot statement:

Jenny’s muslin and grey grosgrain version:

And Lauren’s Instagrammed white and striped creation!

Good times, good times.
Any ideas for future crafternoons, Cashmerettians?

2 thoughts on “Crafternoon: Late Edition

  1. These look great! We did something similar at our very first ever Ladies Night In.


    I really like the fabric flowers all as one piece though – going to have to try that next time. They look so professional! Nice work ladies!

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Canadian ladies!

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