November 6, 2011

A delightful Sunday Crafternoon

Let’s face it, on a sunny November Sunday afternoon, what’s better than a good crafternoon?
( (TM) L.Curtis, licencing rights available).

Thus were gathered Cashmerettes #1 and #2, and honorable members Melissa and Caitlyn.

First of all, provisions were secured. Thank you Mum, for the “Great British Bake Off” cookbook which provided the cherry bakewell cupcake recipe, and also for the very patriotic cupcake cases. No oversized muffins around these parts!

Second, projects were commenced! For keen followers of Cashmerette, a theme will duly be detected, for we did a mini-tutorial of Lauren’s embroidered cards. These take quite a while, but are most satisfying, and can be crafted while also gossiping. Ace.

Here are the fruits of our labour:

Jenny’s snowman:

Lauren’s joyful tree:

Caitlyn’s glittery fishes:

And in honour of an imminent EXCLUSIVE GUEST APPEARANCE on CBS to showcase her canning prowess, Melissa finished off an apron which will be displayed for the world to see:

Next crafternoon’s mission: Christmas decorations. So, Cashmerrettians, what do you think we should make? And would you like to come and join? Do!

Let me know what you think!