April 16, 2024

Supply list for the Loftus Bralette

You may be wondering, what supplies do I need to make a Loftus Bralette? Bra making requires a number of different fabrics and notions, so here’s the complete list.

Get the comfort, style, AND support you deserve from a bralette with the Cashmerette Loftus Bralette, a non-wired bra sewing pattern for large busts in sizes 28C to 54J.

Sourcing fabrics and notions for bra making can be a bit more complicated than simply heading to your local fabric shop. But we’ve made it beyond easy to get supplies for your first Loftus: we’ve partnered up with specialist bra supply stores around the world to bring you dozens of gorgeous kits. These kits are designed specifically for the Loftus Bralette (pattern not included in kits) and sold and shipped by the stores from their websites.

What supplies do I need to make a Loftus Bralette?

Recommended fabrics

The Loftus Bralette is designed to be made from non-stretch fabrics for the main fabric and sheer bra cup lining, although a slight amount of stretch for the main fabric will also work. The lining fabric is visible at the center front insert.

Main fabric recommendations (for cups only)

  • Non-stretch lace or non-stretch to low-stretch fabrics such as duoplex or lingerie satin.

Note: 45″ (115 cm) wide lace fabric is required for the this pattern due to the width of the pattern pieces. Narrower strips of lace are not suitable.

Lining fabric recommendation (for cups and center insert)

  • Non-stretch bra cup lining.

Note: While non-stretch fabrics are recommended for support, if you are looking for a less supportive bralette you can use a stretch fabric for both main and lining fabrics instead – just make sure that each fabric has a similar amount of stretch.

Back band and powerbar recommendation

  • Mid-weight stretch fabric such as nylon/spandex power mesh with 25–50% stretch in one direction and at least 10% in the opposite direction. For a more supportive bra, use a heavy-weight power mesh.


  • Band Elastic: 2” (5 cm) wide plush elastic (sometimes called waistband elastic).
  • Underarm and neckline elastic: 3⁄8” – ½” (1 – 1.2 cm) wide plush-back elastic (generally comes with a picot/ decorative edge).
  • Strap elastic: ¾” (19 mm) wide plush-back strap elastic.


  • Hook and eye closure: 4 rows x 3 columns (3”/7.6 cm wide)
  • Rings and sliders: Two ¾” (19 mm) wide sliders and two ¾” (19 mm) wide rings.
  • Universal or microtex needle, thread.


As lengthy as the list of bra making supplies is, you’d likely expect to need a lot of tools as well. So you might be surprised to hear that you really don’t need much! A sewing machine with a universal needle just about does it. And you don’t need a fancy machine either—as long as your machine can sew a straight and zigzag stitch, you’re likely good to go!

Tailor’s ham or rolled up towel, standard presser foot, zipper foot, walking foot for sewing machine (optional),
press cloth.

So that’s everything you need to make your Loftus Bralette! If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below.

Bra supply shopping can be challenging, but we’ve made it so much more approachable with the Cashmerette Bra Fitting Guide’s bra making resources for beginners and beyond.

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