July 8, 2022

How to adjust the side seam angle of a bra

Bodies (and boobs!) come in all shapes and sizes, and you may find that you need to adjust the side seam angle of a bra to achieve a better fit. Today, we’re showing you how to do just that!

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The Cashmerette Willowdale Bra is a full frame underwire bra sewing pattern for large busts in sizes 28C-54J with a 4-piece cup design for vital support and lift in a beautifully rounded shape—the perfect bra if you have big boobs.

Start your bra fitting journey with the Cashmerette Bra Fitting Guide

To help you sew and fit your dream Willowdale, we’ve put together the Cashmerette Bra Fitting Guide! This post is one of the many tutorials you’ll find there, and if you haven’t yet checked out the main guide page, we recommend starting there. So much of bra fitting is interconnected, and the guide provides a checklist and order to work through the adjustments.

In this post, we’re covering how to adjust the side seam of a bra to achieve a better fit. Let’s get started!

How to tell if you need to adjust the side seam

Our bodies come in many different shapes, and the angles of our side bodies vary significantly.

Put on your muslin (test version) and take a look at how the underarm elastic sits on your body. Is it gaping? Is it cutting in? Are there wrinkles in the bra band at the side seam?  These may mean that you need to adjust the side seam angle.

How to adjust the angle of the side seam

If your bra feels too tight under the arms, you can extend the length of the side seam by adjusting the angle of the seam between the front band and back band as shown by the red line below. Add half of the additional width you need to the front band and the other half to the back band, taper to nothing at the lower and inner edges of the pattern pieces.

Alternately, if the bra is too loose under the arms you can adjust the side seams inwards as shown in green.

Note: the length of the side seam should stay the same with either adjustment.


Once you’ve adjusted your pattern pieces, you’ll want to make another muslin and try it on to see if further adjustments are needed before you start your final bra.

We hope this tutorial was helpful! Check out the full Cashmerette Bra Fitting Guide for more on sewing and fitting your dream bra with the Willowdale Bra.

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