April 16, 2024

Sew your dream Loftus Bralette with dozens of bra kit options!

Sew a Loftus Bralette that gives you the comfort, style and support you need with dozens of bra kits available all over the world! These gorgeous kits created for you by different bra supply shops take the hassle out of sourcing your own bra making supplies.

Loftus Bra Kits

Get the comfort, style, AND support you deserve from a bralette with the Cashmerette Loftus Bralette, a non-wired bra sewing pattern for large busts in sizes 28C to 54J. That’s 126 unique sizes to help you get a fabulous fit!

Sourcing fabrics and notions for bra-making can be a bit more complicated than simply heading to your local fabric shop. But we’ve made it beyond easy by partnering up with specialist bra supply stores around the world to bring you loads of gorgeous kits.

These kits are designed specifically for the Loftus Bralette (pattern not included in kits) and sold and shipped by the stores from their websites. There’s limited stock of each kit, so if you see something you like, get it before it’s gone!

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Porcelynne’s Loftus Bralette Kits

Porcelynne is a small business based in Florida, USA. They offer a wide variety of lingerie and bra making supplies for both the home sewist and the small business owner.

Porcelynne has some gorgeous kits. Here are some of our faves:

Bra Builders’ Loftus Bralette Kits

Bra Builders is an online lingerie fabric store which specializes in bespoke kits that meet their customers’ needs at the intersection of function and beauty. They believe in the myriad ways that beauty can be expressed, and they love and support them all. Bra Builders is known for generous fabric allowances in their kits and their wide array of colors and laces.

Bra Builders is offering so many gorgeous kits, including full and partial lace options. Here are some of our favorites:

Bra-makers Supply’s Loftus Bra Kits

Canada-based Bra-maker Supply is the leading global source for bra making and corset making supplies. They supply top-quality supplies for the home sewist, independent custom bra-makers, and ready-to-wear manufacturers.

Bra-makers Supply has created 4 Loftus kits with lace and fabric options for everyone. Here’s a peek at some of our favorites, visit the site for more

B,Wear’s Loftus Bralette Kits

B,Wear is a Sweden-based bra supply shop that specializes in European fabrics and laces. They’re excited to offer you 5 gorgeous Loftus kits with enough color combinations guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Here’s a peek at the kits, visit their site for more!

Booby Traps’ Loftus Bralette Kits

Booby Traps was the first bra kit company worldwide and has had many years of experience in providing customers with good quality bra kits in a lovely range of colours and finishes. For the Loftus Bralette kits, BoobyTraps is offering 10 pre-made kits and a customizable kit – resulting in countless options for you!

Here are a few of our favorite kits from Booby Traps:

Nellie Joans’ Loftus Bralette Kits

Nellie Joans Lingerie Findings is a sewing supplies shop for all things bra making plus briefs, swimwear and activewear! You can shop online or in-store at their boutique shop in the heart of Taranaki, NZ.

Nellie Joans has created a variety of gorgeous kits for you to choose from! And now they’ve created a base kit with everything except the main fabric.

Sewing Chest’s Loftus Bralette Kits

The Sewing Chest was set up in 1998 and serves both big and small bra and lingerie companies and also the home sewer and hobbyists. As a UK based internet company, they currently only send to UK addresses.

Bratastic Fabrics’ Loftus Bralette Kits

Bratastic Fabrics is an online store offers a wide selection of fabrics, supplies, and patterns to create your own lingerie. Shipping in the U.K. only.

We hope you fell in love with a Loftus kit or two that you saw here, and be sure to check out each of the stores for more kit options as well as fabric and notions that you can buy separately to create your own kit. Then get ready to start sewing your beautiful new Loftus bralette!



5 thoughts on “Sew your dream Loftus Bralette with dozens of bra kit options!

  1. Debs says:

    Any kits in uk?

    1. Dee Natoli says:

      We ship to the UK Deb 🙂 Dee from Booby Traps

  2. Alison says:

    I see that Canadian shops providing kits will be published at a later date. In the meantime, The Makehouse in Victoria, British Columbia is a great source for all things bra-related.

    1. Jane says:

      I wonder if they would do kits for us Canadians?

  3. Dee Natoli says:

    We do send to Canada ladies 🙂 Dee from Booby Traps

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