March 6, 2024

Watch an excerpt from Sloper School

If you’re wondering if Cashmerette Sloper School is for you, you’ve come to the right place!

Do you wish you could spend less time fitting and more time designing and sewing? Then you should enroll in Sloper School, a brand new approach to fitting from Cashmerette! In this 9 week course, you’ll learn how to create and use a custom-fit sloper, giving you the confidence to create and adjust new patterns that fit, without endless revisions.

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Watch an excerpt from Sloper School

In this excerpt, Jenny makes adjustments to Dawn’s muslin to improve the bust fit.

Still not sure if Sloper School is for you?

You will LOVE Sloper School if…

  • You are tired of spending tons of time fitting new patterns when you could be designing or sewing
  • You’ve struggled to learn to fit, because you need to go beyond the “standard” adjustments covered in most books and tutorials
  • You’ve found it hard to learn to fit alone, and want personal feedback from a fitting expert (that’s me!), and to be able to get support from other people going through the same process
  • You’ve tried to make a sloper but given up because most traditional “draft it yourself” techniques don’t work well for curvy or busty bodies
  • You like the idea of making a custom-fit sloper, but you don’t understand how to use it to make other patterns, or adjust new patterns to fit

Still Have Questions?

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