March 4, 2024

Introducing Cashmerette Sloper School: a brand new approach to fitting!

Do you wish you could spend less time fitting and more time coming up with fabulous new garment ideas and bringing them to life? Then I have some great news for you!

Cashmerette Sloper School, a brand new approach to fitting from Cashmerette, teaches you how to save time fitting and get back to what you actually love: sewing and wearing gorgeously fitting clothes.

If you’ve ever felt excited about the idea of trying a new sewing  pattern, or pattern company, but then immediately deflated by the idea of having to go through the fitting process from scratch, I get you.

Sure, I love all things fitting (I even wrote a book on it!) but at the end of the day, when I have limited time available for sewing, I want to get to the fun, creative bits, like choosing fabrics, doing the sewing, and standing in front of my mirror deciding on all the great styling combos for my fabulous new garment. But there is a fantastic way to skip the endless fitting iterations: learning how to create and use a custom-fit sloper. Fit once, use forever!

Cashmerette Sloper School is a totally new format for us: you’ll join a cohort of sewists from around the world for a 9-week session to go through the journey as a team. We’ve made it as easy as possible to learn: starting with a base sloper pattern (no pattern drafting skills required!), you’ll first get weekly online lessons—including demonstrations on real models—where you’ll learn to create a custom fit for your sloper. And you’re not going it alone: you can join live Fit Clinics and get personal feedback on your sloper from me, and ask questions and get personalized help at any time!

And once you’ve nailed the fit, I’ll teach you how to actually use your sloper, to save you time and fast-forward you to fabulous patterns that you can feel confident will fit.

How does Cashmerette Sloper School work?

Sloper School is unlike anything we’ve done before at Cashmerette. It’s a 9 week online course where you’ll join me, curvy fitting expert Jenny Rushmore, and a cohort of sewists from all around the world, to custom-fit and learn how to use a sloper in real time.

Enrollment is only open for a limited time, but once you’ve joined, you’ll have access the content forever! So if you’re not available for the full 9 weeks, or if you have to stop midway, you can come back and continue on at any time.

Here’s how it works:

Start with the Wyman Sloper (and skip the drafting)

You’ll receive a free pattern when you enroll: the Wyman Dress Sloper, a fitting sloper pattern designed for curves. The Wyman is an instant-download PDF pattern (in print-at-home and A0 formats) for a fitted dress in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H that we’ve designed specifically to be used as as the starting point for your custom-fit sloper. The Wyman has special fitting-friendly features, and best of all, you don’t need to learn how to pattern draft from scratch.

Master your sloper fit with weekly lessons and real model demonstrations

Each week, I’ll show you how to fit a specific area of the sloper to your body—shoulders, bust, arms, waist, and so on—in a detailed video lesson released at the beginning of the week. I’ll share advanced fitting techniques (beyond the standard adjustments), demonstrating on three models so that you can see how it actually looks in practice. Have questions on the lesson or need help with your sloper muslin? No problem, you can ask me questions at any time!

Get in-depth guidance on how to use your sloper

Once your sloper is fitting well, I’ll take you through exactly how to use your sloper to save you time in the future, and unleash your creativity. I’ll cover both how to use your sloper pieces to assess the pieces of a new pattern and make adjustments, and, how to hack your sloper to create an infinite array of garments that you can guarantee will fit. 

Access the Fitting Library any time

Want to get ahead, or have questions beyond that week’s topic? No problem: in addition to the weekly video lessons, you’ll get instant access to over 15 hours of on-demand fitting tutorials in the Fitting Library, from the Cashmerette Club. 

Chart your progress with the Sloper School Workbook

You’ll be able to follow along with me and track your fitting journey in a Sloper School-exclusive downloadable, printable workbook that includes comprehensive fitting checklists and detailed instructions on how to use your sloper.

Ask me all your fit & sloper questions at live Fit Clinics

Join the live Fit Clinics hosted on Zoom, where you can get my personal help on your fitting challenges, learn from other people’s fit journey, and show off your fitting wins! Each of the four Fit Clinics will take place at 2pm and 8:30pm ET (eight sessions in total) to give participants from around the world a chance to join, and they’ll be recorded and available to watch later if you can’t attend.

Receive personalized feedback, anytime!

In addition to the Fit Clinics, you can get one-on-one fitting feedback from me and the knowledgeable Cashmerette team over email or in course discussions. Whatever fitting challenges you encounter along your sloper journey, we’re here to help!

Join a group of sewing & fitting enthusiasts from around the world

Best of all—you don’t have to do it alone! You’ll be joining a community of curvy sewists from around the world who are on the same fitting journey, and who are learning together and helping each other with any fitting challenge you can imagine. And all discussions take place on our website, so you don’t have to join any social media platforms.

Is Sloper School for me?

You will LOVE Sloper School if…

  • You are tired of spending tons of time fitting new patterns when you could be designing or sewing
  • You’ve struggled to learn to fit, because you need to go beyond the “standard” adjustments covered in most books and tutorials
  • You’ve found it hard to learn to fit alone, and want personal feedback from a fitting expert (that’s me!), and to be able to get support from other people going through the same process
  • You’ve tried to make a sloper but given up because most traditional “draft it yourself” techniques don’t work well for curvy or busty bodies
  • You like the idea of making a custom-fit sloper, but you don’t understand how to use it to make other patterns, or adjust new patterns to fit

How is Sloper School different from other fitting books and classes?

As you probably know, I’ve already created lots of resources on fitting, from my book Ahead of the Curve, to many free tutorials, and my online workshop “Fitting for Curves”! But Cashmerette Sloper School is different in many ways:

  • It’s a real-time, 9-week cohort-based class. That means you’ll be part of a group who’s all going through the same fitting process together–which is helpful, and, most importantly, fun! (But if you’re not available to sew during those 9 weeks, everything’s recorded so you can come back and continue at any time.)
  • It teaches a totally new approach of creating and using a sloper, rather than fitting patterns on an individual basis.
  • It includes advanced fitting techniques and real-time demonstrations on a variety of models.
  • You can get personalized feedback from me on your sloper and fitting challenges.

I’m so excited to kick off the first ever session of Cashmerette Sloper School, and I hope I’ll see you there!

Let me know what you think!