February 19, 2024

Your Club Makes: 3 Wyman Dress Hacks

A well-fitting sloper is a basic, closely fitted pattern that you refine until it fits your body really well—and then you can use it to adjust other sewing patterns to fit you, or to create different looks through hacking techniques. Follow along with 3 makers to see how they hacked their Wyman Dress pattern for the perfect fit and style.

When you have a base sloper pattern that fits you beautifully, you can transform it into an infinite number of garments, knowing that each one will fit you perfectly.

But most draft-it-yourself sloper guides aren’t designed for curvy bodies, and they can be complicated and time-intensive to create. That’s where this month’s Cashmerette Club pattern, the Wyman Dress Sloper comes in!

The Wyman comes in sizes 0-32 and is available exclusively to Cashmerette Club members. Not a member yet? Join today for as little as $9 (cancel anytime).

The Wyman is rated beginner, and you can sew your first Wyman with confidence thanks to our free sewalong! Now let’s dig into these Wymans!

Lise’s Wyman Dress Hack

Lise took the Wyman Sloper and maximized its potential. She dug into her stash to find this medium weight brown cotton corduroy and made a size 14 G/H, graded to a size 16 at the waist and hips. Let’s look at what else she did:

✅ Lengthened the front bodice by 1 inch.
✅ Lengthened the back bodice by 1 inch at the side seam tapered to 1/2 inch at the center back.
✅ Made a 3/8 inch narrow shoulder adjustment.
✅ Shortened the skirt by 4 inches.
✅ Changed the neckline to a square one freehand.
✅ Added pockets from the Elmwood Skirt.
✅ Borrowed sleeves from the Roseclair Dress.

Her measurements are 38” high bust, 42” full bust, 36” waist, and 46” hips (96 cm HB, 106 FB, 91 cm W, 116 cm H).

See more of what Lise is sewing up on Instagram at @lisemadeit.

Angelee’s Wyman Dress Hack

Starting with a 100% cotton sheet set, Angelee decided to use the Wyman Sloper to create a sleeveless top and a skirt. In making this set, Angelee left out the waist darts and added 3 inches for the top. She made a size 18 with a C/D cup. We love how one pattern became endless possibilities for mixing and matching with this set in an adorable fabric.

Her measurements are 42” high bust, 44” full bust, 37” waist, and 47” hips (106 HB, 111 FB, 92 cm W, 118 cm H).

See more of what Angelee is sewing up on Instagram at @ithinkicansewit. Or visit her website or her YouTube channel.

Tia’s Wyman Dress Hack

Tia’s Wyman Sloper Dress hack was simple but made quite a difference. Using a cotton-poly sheet, she created the perfect short sleeve Wyman Dress. Her experience with the simple silhouette has left her excited to “tweak it to make many different garments”. We are looking forward to seeing her new projects!  

Her measurements are 50” high bust, 54” full bust, 50” waist, and 60” hips (127 HB, 137, FB, 121 cm W, 152 cm H).

Follow along with more of Tia’s makes on Instagram at @tiasews.

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5 thoughts on “Your Club Makes: 3 Wyman Dress Hacks

  1. carolbtogo says:

    Hello Jenny, I am amazed. You are opening up a whole new concept/perspective of sewing, with no limits!I can barely wait to learn more.

    1. Becca Ryan says:

      We are excited too! Stay tuned for more excitement!

      – Becca at Cashmerette

  2. Rashawn M says:

    Each is such a creative take on the wonderful slope foundation! I loved Lise’s borrowing from other patterns and the smart use of sheets for yardage.

    I’m excited to get my pattern taped together so I can get started. I’ll finally be able to make the dress I’ve had in my head for 3 years.

  3. Maryellen Tobiasiewicz says:

    Jenny, this website is blocked at work. I had to make a special trip to the library to access it.
    I SENT AN EMAIL FOR HELP. PLEASE CONTACT ME. I have a good credit card on file for the membership. It was changed last year. Yet membership was cancelled. I would like to download the Feb pattern but this is the last day and a lost opportunity because your system did not delete the old card and will not charge my current card!

    1. Becca Ryan says:

      Hi Maryellen, We’ve received your email and responded! Never fear, we will get you sorted out!

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