July 27, 2011

Busy bee

So, despite trips to France, Cincinnati and Cape Cod (#which one of these is not like the other?#) I have nonetheless been crafting away! Here’s a few highlights:

1. BUNTING! My first-ever. To celebrate America’s birthday on the 4th, and mine on the 2nd. In fact, I found super-patriotic fabric during the craft-swap at the ever-ace Gather Here, which was begging to be turned into something appropriate. Et voila: American bunting to make you wipe away a tear.

During construction chez moi:

And in action chez B!

(I should note however that I remained secretly subversive through the medium of cupcakes in Union Jack cases…)

2. I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that one of my super-secret projects was my first-ever attempt at embroidery: a Tshirt for the soon-to-be Dr Rev M! M is fond of owls. Even purple and green and orange ones, that must speak a foreign language, for they say ‘Woot’ instead of ‘T-wit T-wooooo’ as good British ones do. In the meantime, M owes me a photo, which will soon be posted!

3. (3!) I copied Lauren and made my very own iPad cover! Now, you can’t tell to look at it but it is really quite wonky. However, it achieves the twin objectives of 1) protecting my iPad from scratching against everything in my handbag 2) having cool birds on it. Plus all the quilting mistakes are on the inside, hidden from those roving seam-inspectors that you always encounter on the street. I used material that I bought two years ago in Kyoto, which was previously fashioned into two cushions which were sadly languishing in my guest bedroom all alone. A quick seam-ripper later and here we are! Japanese birds protecting my new favourite toy.

4. (for there is a 4!) I have started another super-secret project, this time for my Mum. Due to the Sewing Cone of Silence, all will be revealed… at a later date.

Phew! Well I’m tired just thinking about all this work. And the stockpile of materials for future projects which are currently swamping my kitchen table, and preventing me from eating dinner in a civilized fashion. Another baby dress, some sheets, a cool wrap-behind-you-dress, and my quilt await.

5 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. Ana says:

    Hi ladies, it was nice to meet you at the bird class today! Also, nice bunting! :o)

    – Ana

  2. Lauren says:

    Nice to meet you too! Definitely see you around the stitch lounge 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    Jenny, what is the sewing cone of silence? Can you make me one? 🙂

    I marvel at your FOUR items. xxx

  4. Jenny says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Jenny says:

    Thanks Ana! Bunting is de rigeur for Cashmerettes.

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