December 21, 2011

Santa makes work for idle hands

It’s that time of the year when we Cashmerette reverse-snowbirds fly back to our respective coops, both appropriately cold and northerly.

Reverse-snowbirds, yes. But cold turkey? Never!

So observe: the first crafting of the Christmas holiday. After realising I needed something to do other than eat hobnobs, watch re-runs of America’s Next Top Model and eat more hobnobs, I took a trip to that very special place, the Aberdeen John Lewis haberdashery department. This, however, is no Gather Here. None of your fancy American ways round these parts, lassie! Hence, this overheard conversation:

Customer: Hello, could I have a meter of muslin please?

Assistant #1: Faa’s aht?
(Trans.: what’s that?)

Assistant #2: Aye iss aht thang fit yer mak yer clootie poodins ahn
(Trans: oh, it’s that thing in which you make your clootie puddings).


I purchased an embroidery hoop, some navy and royal blue thread, a few needles, and whipped this up based on a memory of a picture someone put on my little brother’s girlfriend’s Facebook wall: a classic source of inspiration, I’ve been led to believe.

The only question is, what should it become?

Vote please, Cashmerette fans:
a) a framed piece of embroidery art for the kitchen wall
b) a decorative tea towel…. potentially with some additional bunting border?
c) a panel for a canvas tote bag

Cast your votes……………… now!

Let me know what you think!