January 8, 2012

Keep calm, and carry on embroidering

We Cashmerettes are crazy cats, prone to wild Friday evenings spent under a duvet on the sofa, watching Modern Family and doing embroidery. Don’t hate us because we’re so cool.

The last month has seen some hardcore trans-Atlantic embroidering. First, the previously mentioned “Where there’s tea, there’s hope” piece, which is now framed and in my kitchen:

Where there's tea there's hopeWhere there's tea there's hope
Second, I set my house on fire*. This led to my sewing machine sadly being out of order due to oily ash spoilage-type-stuff, so it’s now in the sewing machine shop getting a January cleanse. That meant a new project was needed…. some embroidery!

The inspiration was another minorly-fire-damaged piece of my equipment: my fabric stash. I keep my fabric in wicker baskets on a nifty wire stand (the Cashmerettes enjoyed a thrilling trip to the Container Store last year. No really, it was thrilling), open to breathe the fine South End air. However, when this air is full of black smoke, that’s not so good. And, in fact, when it’s just generally open to dust, I have since realised. And thus a new project was born!

Fabric covers for my stash. Which obviously need to be embroidered, otherwise, how would you know what was in each one? Exactly. Thus the project has started with my “Projects” basket (where I keep things I’m currently working on):

Coming up: the plain fabric basket, patterns fabric basket, scraps basket *and more*.

Please try to contain your excitement, Cashmerettians.

Till soon!

*Yeah, actually, I did. I’m OK though. However, I now have a PSA: get fire extinguishers, people! They are very important. And very cheap. And stop your house burning down. Good deal.

2 thoughts on “Keep calm, and carry on embroidering

  1. Maisie says:

    I love the ‘Where there is tea, there is hope’ embroidery. Gorgeous.

    Maisie x

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Maisie!

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