April 16, 2024

Introducing the Loftus Bralette, a non-wired bra sewing pattern for big boobs!

Get the comfort, style, AND support you deserve from a bralette with the Cashmerette Loftus Bralette, a non-wired bra sewing pattern for large busts in sizes 28C to 54J.

A supportive non-wired bra for big boobs? If you’ve ever tried on a ready-to-wear bralette, it can be hard to believe such a thing is possible. In fact, we had a hard time believing it ourselves! But ever since we released the Willowdale Bra, you’ve been asking us for a non-wired bra pattern, so we set out to find out if we could do it.

And voila! Say hello to the Loftus Bralette, the Goldilocks of bralettes. With its 3-piece cups, internal powerbar, and wide band, the Loftus is everything you’ve ever wanted from a bralette: comfort, style, and most importantly, support. Sew your first Loftus with confidence thanks to our free step-by-step video sewalong!

Here at Cashmerette, we’re the big boob experts, and your boobs are in good hands.

Rachel is wearing a Loftus Bralette in a size 38I with a matching pair of Radcliffe Undies. Her measurements are 48″ full bust and 37″ underbust.

Brit is wearing a Loftus Bralette in a size 32E. Her measurements are 38″ full bust and 31.5″ underbust.

The best bralette for big boobs

Bralettes are super popular these days, and it seems that ready-to-wear fashion is finally acknowledging that we deserve to be comfortable in our undergarments. Why deal with pokey underwires when we can do without them?

But if you have big boobs, it’s nearly impossible to find a bralette that fits well and is actually supportive. Most ready-to-wear bralettes come in the typical sizes we’re used to with clothing (L, XL, 2XL, and so on) which means that you have to size way up to get the bralette to even fit over your boobs. Or even worse, they’re made with super stretchy fabrics that provide as much support as a t-shirt.

And if you do miraculously find a bralette in your size, it’s unlikely to come in the seemingly endless designs or pretty fabrics that smaller bras come in.

But here at Cashmerette, we know big boobs, and we won’t stand for that. So we’ve once again teamed up with a specialist bra drafter for large cups to bring you the best bralette sewing pattern for big boobs.

Meet the Loftus

Say goodbye to boring, ill-fitting bralettes and hello to the stylish, supportive Loftus!

What makes the Loftus so great for big boobs?

  • It comes in band sizes 28-54 and cup sizes C-J, which means you have over 120 sizes to choose from to get your ideal fit.
  • Its 3-piece cups are made from non-stretch fabric or lace to provide lift and a rounded shape, with an internal powerbar for maximum support.
  • The center front insert can be cut to different heights depending on the coverage and support you desire.
  • It has adjustable straps for a customized fit from day to day.
  • The wide hook-and-eye closure at the back means you don’t have to struggle to pull it on over your boobs!

Sew your own Loftus with dozens of bralette kits!

The Loftus Bra is designed for for a fantastic fit using non-stretch fabrics (like duoplex or lingerie satin) with a power mesh back band and powerbar. You’ll also need a few different elastics, a wide hook & eye, and rings and sliders. (See the full supply list here.)

Sourcing bra making supplies can be a challenge, but we’ve made finding fabric and notions for your first Loftus beyond simple! We’ve once again partnered up with specialist bra supply stores around the world to bring you dozens of gorgeous kits. These kits are designed specifically for the Loftus Bralette (pattern not included in kits) and are sold and shipped by the stores from their websites.

Plunge into bra making with our free Loftus sewalong!

Bra making can seem intimidating, but we’re here to help!

The Loftus Bralette is rated intermediate, and our detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions and free video sewalong walk you through the entire process from start to finish. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at bra-making, here’s your chance!

When it comes to bra making, keep in mind that there will be some fitting work involved. We’re designed and tweaked and iterated on the Loftus to achieve the best fit for as many sewists as possible straight out of the gate, but our boobs are shaped in an endless array of shapes and sizes, and measurements aren’t always enough to determine your ideal bra size off the bat.

So if you want to refine the fit of your Loftus, we can help with that, too! Our free bra fitting guide walks you through a variety of adjustments you can make to get a fabulous fit out of your Loftus.

Your Loftus questions, answered!

Can I get the Loftus as a printed pattern?

The Loftus Bralette is only available as a PDF pattern, with print at home (very little taping required!) and copy shop files are also included if you’d rather send it out to be printed or you don’t have a printer at home. The pattern pieces are laid out in separate files by size without nesting for ease of use.

If you’re new to PDF patterns, check out our complete guide for beginners.

Do I need to figure out my size before purchasing the Loftus?

Nope! All of the sizes (28C to 54J) are included in the pattern, which accommodates full bust from 31″ to 65″ (79 to 165 cm) and underbust from 28″ to 55″ (72 to 142 cm).

Not sure what size to make? Check out our bra sizing guide.

Can I use my Willowdale size for my Loftus?

The Loftus Bralette and Willowdale Bras use the same size charts and are designed for the same sizes.  If you have determined your sizing in the Willowdale, you can use that as a good starting point for the Loftus.

Are these US sizes, European sizes, or what?

There’s so much variation between bra sizing from country to country and company to company, so we recommend identifying your size using your measurements, and the instructions we’ve included in the pattern for choosing your size!

You will likely find your recommended size is similar to your RTW size, but even if it’s not, don’t worry! Your measurements are the best guide to start with.

I’ve never made a bra before. Should I try the Loftus?

Absolutely! Bra making is a whole lot of fun, and so empowering (especially when you’re making a bra designed for your body!). We wouldn’t recommend it as your very first sewing project ever, but if you feel comfortable sewing with woven and knit fabric, we say go for it.

Our detailed instructions and free sewalong will help you through every step of the process.

What supplies do I need in order to make a Loftus?

You can find the complete list of fabrics and notions in this post or in the pattern instructions booklet.

Can I sew a bra on a regular sewing machine?

You sure can! You can make the Loftus from start to finish on a basic sewing machine (a serger is not needed).

Do I need to be in the Cashmerette Club to get this pattern?

Nope! The Loftus is available to anyone to purchase, although Cashmerette Club members at the Plus and All Access levels get 10-15% off anytime they shop with us.

Got other questions about the Loftus? Drop them in the comments below!

Let’s sew some beautiful bras for big boobs!

Are you ready to sew your first Loftus? Get your copy here!

We’d love to see your gorgeous new bras, whatever stage of the process you’re in! Be sure to tag your makes with #LoftusBralette and #Cashmerette on social media.

7 thoughts on “Introducing the Loftus Bralette, a non-wired bra sewing pattern for big boobs!

  1. Magnolia Rose Vandiver says:

    where did you get the burnout velvet for the dark sample? It’s so beautiful!

    1. Ayelet says:

      It’s from a local fabric store here in Boston! Unfortunately they don’t sell their fabrics online.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  2. Laura J R says:

    I really like the look of this bra from the front. I have sloping shoulders, so the back doesn’t work. Would it be difficult to change the back to crossover?

    1. Ayelet says:

      You could certainly try! But it may also be worth trying to move the straps in a bit to help prevent them from falling down. We have a tutorial for that here: https://blog.cashmerette.com/2022/07/how-to-adjust-bra-straps.html

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  3. Larelle says:

    Do you have a front closing bra similar for big breasts? I am having to use front closing bras because I have a shoulder injury and future shoulder replacement.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Not a the moment, but we’ve gotten loads of requests for it so we’re definitely considering it!

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  4. Annie says:

    What kind of cotton fabric could work for the cups?

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