October 25, 2022

Ready-to-Wear Inspiration for the Meriam Trousers

The Meriam Trousers are a wardrobe staple! This classic pant features all the details you love in trousers, plus a flex waistband that expands gently as you sit. There are so many ways to customize this pattern so we’ve collected some inspiration to get you started. 

A great pair of pants can help you feel super confident. When you sew your own, you get to choose the look! Are you in need of a classic pair of pants for work in a neutral color? Maybe a pop of color is more your style.

The Meriam Trousers come in sizes 0-32 with an optional full bum back piece. Pair this pattern with the Auburn Blazer and create a full suit!

Neutral solids


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Create a classic pair of pants that can easily transition from day to night using a neutral fabric. You can never go wrong with a nice khaki or black fabric. Pair your pants with a classic white blouse or maybe a pop of color under a matching blazer.

Bold jewel tones


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Nothing says fall like a striking jewel tone. A bold solid color trouser looks lovely with a neutral patterned top, and that bit of color will surely turn heads at your next social gathering.

Play with plaids

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Plaids are fun to play with and come in endless color combinations. Go for a cozy vibe by pairing your Meriam with a soft sweater and boots, or rock a punk vibe by pairing with a vintage band shirt and sneakers.

Make it a set

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Why not pair your Meriam Trousers with a matching Auburn Blazer? Go for a soft pastel for a feminine look or a bright fabric to make a statement. Monochromatic outfits are in, so stand out in a crowd by wearing a full matching ensemble.

Hack the Meriam

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Looking for more of a summer short or classic capri? Adjust the Meriam Trousers to your ideal length and create your dream pants. Add a tie belt to customize your look. There is so much you can do to personalize this pattern to expand your wardrobe!

Make a statement

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The best part of sewing your own pants is choosing the fabric. Choose an eye-catching print or experiment with different materials such as leather. This is your chance to create the trousers you wish existed.

Are you feeling inspired to sew your first Meriam Trousers? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Ready-to-Wear Inspiration for the Meriam Trousers

  1. Courtney W says:

    Just finished watching the Meriam Trouser workshop and was excited to order my suiting fabric. The workshop is wonderful! The waistband is genius! Can’t wait to get started.

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