November 13, 2017

Rivermont Sewalong Day 2: Prepare Facings and Sew Darts

We’re kicking off our sewing today for the Rivermont Dress & Top sewalong. I’ll be making both views of the Rivermont during this sewalong: the green ponte is the dress version (view A) and the textured navy and cream ponte (which is still available as a kit here!) is the peplum version (view B). Generally speaking, when steps are the same for all views, I’ll be demonstrating on the green dress version.

Let’s start by preparing our facings. On the wrong sids of your front and back facing, apply lightweight fusible interfacing following the manufacturer instructions. Then, finish the bottom edge of both facings by either serging the edge (like I’ve done here) or by turning the lower edge of your facing to the wrong side by 1/4″ and topstitching the hem in place.

Sew the darts in the bodice front using a straight stitch on a sewing machine. Press the bust darts up and the waist darts towards the center. Sew the waist darts in each bodice back piece and press towards the center back.

If you are making the peplum, you’re done for today!

If you’re making the dress version, it’s time to sew darts in the skirt pieces! Sew the four waist darts in the front skirt and press them all towards the center. Sew the waist dart in each back skirt piece and press them towards the center back.

That’s it for today! Next time we’ll start assembling the pockets for view A and the back for view B.



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  1. Lilja Karlsdóttir says:

    It was easy to follow instruchions and owsome to ware with leggings in the cold💖

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