November 15, 2017

Rivermont Sewalong Day 3: Assemble Pockets of Dress, Assemble Back of Peplum

If you’re making the peplum version of the Rivermont Dress & Top, you’ll have a quick day today. For the top, today’s step is assembling the upper back.

Pin the two bodice back pieces together along the center back, right sides together. Sew, finish seam allowances, and press open or to one side. NOTE: Only do this now if you’re making the peplum!

If you’re making the dress, we have a slightly longer day today assembling the pockets.

Start by pinning one pocket facing to the skirt front, right sides together, along the diagonal pocket opening. Sew this seam, and press the pocket away from the skirt.

Understitch the pocket lining to the seam allowance to help keep it in place. Alternatively, you can topstitch this opening by first folding the pocket lining to the inside of the skirt and stitching through all three layers (skirt, seam allowance, and pocket lining) at 1/8″ from the edge.

Lay the pocket on top of the pocket lining, right sides together, aligning the long curved edge and pin. Sew around this edge through just the pocket and pocket lining.

Repeat the pocket assembly with the second side of the front skirt. Press the assembled pockets flat then turn them to the inside of the skirt. Press along the openings of the pockets and line up the edges of the pockets with the notches on the skirt. Pin and baste along the waist and side seams of the skirt front at 1/4″ seam allowance.

That’s it for today! Next time, we’ll attach the front skirt and peplum and sew the dress backs.



2 thoughts on “Rivermont Sewalong Day 3: Assemble Pockets of Dress, Assemble Back of Peplum

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Jenny
    Your tutorial is great! You have made a big difference in guiding me through the fitting and sewing techniques. You also have been a blessing with your talent in creating patterns for the full busted woman. Can I use the Rivermont pattern to make a woven dress?
    Thank You

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately no the Rivermont won’t work in a woven fabric.

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