June 16, 2011

Baby Dress Ahoy!

Gosh, it’s been a while.It appears that I only find the motivation to sew in the summer, and lo and behold, the sun came out and I’m fired up once more! Well hurray for that. And even more so, now I’ve discovered the fantabulous new sewing shop, Gather Here, in Central Square. One word: heaven. Oh, the fabrics! Oh, the notions!It was in this dreamy shop that I found two new projects, for the birthdays of my 31 year old best friend from high school, and my 3 year old friend, who happens to be the daughter of my good mate from Geneva (who’s now in D.C… via London. It’s a long story).

So: the first is in the mail, and therefore cannot be revealed until the big day (June 27th!). However, I believe the 3 year old isn’t quite into blog-reading yet, so I can exclusively reveal the creative process without fear of birthday disappointment.

Let’s start by getting overly excited about this:


Now, let’s consider this for a minute:


Clearly a match made in heaven. It is theoretically only “one scissors” difficulty, but it will involve button holes, so wish me luck. This evening, I started on the upper bodice part, in a bright yellow cotton which matches the whales nicely. I followed the wise advice of Jenny K and obsessively ironed every single piece, and I went reaaaallly slowly. Which is very difficult when you’re over-excited.

So, night one: bodice made!

And for those of you with eye for seams, I have to do a small bit of showing off here:

Watch this space for the next installment: whale-skirt!

Let me know what you think!