June 18, 2011

Dress Finished! A.K.A. Victory Over Buttonholes

I am not a patient woman. This is linked to a tendency for over-enthusiasm.

So, the baby whale dress is *done*! Not only that, but I have successfully overcome my fear of doing buttonholes, which is quite the achievement, if I say so myself.
Theoretically, they’re easy, because there’s a special widget that goes on your sewing machine, and as long as you set it up correctly, it basically does the buttonhole itself. However, it’s really tricky setting it up, and you feel like you’re doing something irreversible onto your final garment… so it’s a bit nerve-wracking. Anyway, I practiced for a bit, and finally stumped up the courage. And it worked!

A quick bit of hemming, 40th run over with the iron, and voila! Tis done.

Front (with an inverted box pleat, and then pleating to the sides):

Back (with the infamous buttons!):

And a bit of mandatory seam-inspecting, specially for Lauren.

So, this’ll be in the post soon down to the littl’un and hopefully I can post a picture of her wearing it! Next task: make a version for her 18 month-old sister…

2 thoughts on “Dress Finished! A.K.A. Victory Over Buttonholes

  1. Bob says:

    That’s a lovely little dress and it has such nice seams!

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Bobster! 🙂

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