How to Use PDF Patterns: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Digital sewing patterns have become extremely popular among the online sewing community over the last decade. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use PDF sewing patterns.

Are you thinking of trying out digital sewing patterns for the first time? If you’re only ever sewn from printed patterns, it can be a bit intimidating to try PDF patterns. That’s why we’ve compiled this complete guide to PDF patterns to help you understand what digital patterns are and how to print them, either at home or using a copyshop.

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The Complete Guide to PDF Sewing Patterns

Click on the sections below to get started.

  1. How to use PDF sewing patterns: a quickstart guide
  2. How to print PDF patterns at home
  3. How to print PDF patterns using a copyshop
  4. How to print PDF copyshop files cheaply
  5. How to print PDF patterns using layers
  6. Why isn’t my PDF pattern working?!” A checklist
  7. How to store PDF patterns