September 18, 2023

Introducing the Grafton Dress, Top and Skirt Mix & Match Pack!

The newest pattern in the Cashmerette Collection is here, and it’s a big one! Meet the Grafton Dress, Top and Skirt Mix & Match Pack, a knit mix and match sewing pattern featuring over 400 possible garment combinations!

Say hello to our newest Cashmerette pattern! The Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt Mix & Match Pack features multiple bodice, skirt, sleeve, and neckline options to make over 400 possible knit dresses, tops, and skirts. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual skater dress, a trendy asymmetrical skirt, a glamorous gown, an elevated tee, or a retro frock, you can craft a unique look every time you sew the Grafton. And with sizes 0-32, cup sizes C-H, and curve-friendly design you know and love from Cashmerette, you can count on a fabulous fit right away.

The Grafton is available in our two size ranges, 0-16 and 12-32 (sold separately). You can purchase and download it instantly as a PDF pattern, or pre-order the beautifully printed pattern which we happily ship anywhere in the world (expected to ship in November). And right now, we have a special offer:

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There is so much to love about the Grafton, so let’s dive right in!

One Pattern, Over 400 Possibilities!

We know you love options, so we’ve brought you a knit pattern that can do it all. Love dresses? We got you. Prefer separates? Sure thing. Want your garment with or without a waistband, with sleeves or sleeveless, lined or unlined? Yup, it’s all here. And best of all, it’s easy to sew—meaning that the hardest part will be choosing which features you want.

Rae is wearing a Grafton Dress with a fitted bodice, scoop neckline, long sleeves, and a circle skirt in a size 24 E/F graded to a 30 in the waist and 26 in the hips. Her measurements are high bust 48″, full bust 52.5″, waist 50″, hip 56″, and she is 5′ 5”.

Cynthia is wearing an A-line maxi Grafton Skirt with pockets in a size 22. Her measurements are high bust 46″, full bust 49″, waist 42″, and hip 52″, and she is 5′ 6”.

Ana is wearing a Grafton Dress with a relaxed bodice, turtleneck, long sleeves and a straight midi-length skirt in a size 14 C/D. Her measurements are high bust 38″, full bust 41″, waist 34″, and hip 44.5″, and she is 5′ 4”.

Megha is wearing a Grafton Top with the fitted bodice, scoop neckline, and bishop sleeves in a size 4 C/D graded to a 6 waist and 12 hip. Her measurements are high bust 32″, full bust 34.5″, waist 28″, and hip 42″, and she is 5′ 2”.

Jan Marie is wearing an asymmetric Grafton Skirt in a size 6. Her measurements are high bust 33.5″, full bust 37″, waist 28″, and hip 38″, and she is 5′ 4”.

Rachel is wearing a Grafton Dress with a fitted bodice, scoop neckline, waistband, short sleeves, straight knee-length skirt, and slash pockets in a size 18 G/H graded to a 20 in the hips. Her measurements are high bust 43″, full bust 49″, waist 40″ and hip 50″. She is 5′ 5”.

Meet the Grafton Mix & Match Pack, a knit sewing pattern pack for curves

As you can see, the Grafton can look totally different each time you make it. Let’s take a closer look at the features included in this pattern:

Bodice Options

For the bodice, you can choose between:

  • Fitted bodice with waist darts
  • Relaxed bodice with dropped shoulders

Each bodice can be made as a dress (with or without a waistband) or a top, can be made with sleeves or sleeveless, and can be lined or unlined (with the exception of the square neckline, which must be lined).

Here you can see the fitted bodice on Jan Marie (left) and the relaxed bodice on Rae (right).

Neckline Options

Frame your gorgeous neck however you’d like! For the neckline, you can choose between:

  1. V neck
  2. Crew neck
  3. Scoop neck
  4. Turtleneck
  5. Square neck

The V neck, crew neck, and scoop necklines can be finished with a neckband or lined for a clean finish. The turtleneck is finished with a neckband and the square neck is finished with lining.

Here you can see the necklines from left to right: V neck, crew neck, scoop neck, turtleneck (folded down), and square neck.

The views all feature a high back neckline.

Sleeve Options

If you’re making the fitted bodice, here are your sleeve choices:

  1. Straight sleeves in short, mid, and long lengths
  2. Bishop sleeves
  3. Sleeveless with armhole facing or lining

Here you can see some of the fitted bodice sleeves from left to right: short straight sleeves on Rachel, long straight sleeves on Rae, bishop sleeves on Megha, and sleeveless on Ana.

If you’re making the relaxed bodice, you can choose between:

  1. Grown-on drop sleeves
  2. Long sleeves

Below, Rae (left) is wearing the relaxed bodice with grown-on sleeves, while Ana (right) is wearing the relaxed bodice with the additional long sleeves.

Skirt Options

Swoosh about in one of the many skirt options! You can choose between:

  1. A-line skirt in knee or maxi length with optional inseam pockets
  2. Straight skirt in short, knee, or midi length with optional slash pockets and side slits
  3. Asymmetrical draped skirt with optional slash pockets
  4. 3-panel circle skirt

Each skirt can be combined with any bodice option to make a dress (with or without a waistband) or sewn on its own as a standalone skirt (with a waistband).

Here are the skirts from left to right: the A-line skirt in the maxi length on Cynthia, the straight skirt in the midi length on Ana, the asymmetrical skirt on Jan Marie, and the circle skirt on Jan Marie.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re all easy to sew? The Grafton is rated advanced beginner and is an enjoyable sew for makers of all skill levels.

Let’s talk fabric!

The Grafton is designed for light- to mid-weight knit fabrics such as jersey, ITY, Liverpool knit, double knit, or ponte with at least 25% stretch both horizontally and vertically. If you are lining your bodice, you can use the same fabric for the lining, or a lighter weight knit with the same amount of stretch.

A big thanks to our friends at Core Fabrics, who generously gifted us the cotton/tencel jersey for Ana’s red top and the cotton rib knit for Cynthia’s striped top. And they’d like to help you sew your dream Grafton with 15% off their Grafton collection with code CASHMERETTE-GRAFTON at checkout! (Offer ends October 1, 2023 at 12:30AM EST. Cannot be combined with any other offer.)

We’re also grateful to our friends at Blackbird Fabrics who gifted us the bamboo/cotton rib knit for Rachel’s raspberry dress, the cotton jersey for Cynthia’s orange top, and the bamboo cotton rib/knit for Rachel’s lime green dress. And last but not least, a big thanks to our friends at Emma One Sock for the jacquard knit for Megha’s fuchsia top!

Get the Grafton today!

Are you ready to start making your first Grafton? Then let’s get sewing! And don’t forget about our limited time offer:


Pre-order the Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt printed pattern and you’ll get the Grafton PDF pattern for free, instantly! 

Expected to ship in November. Offer available until the Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt is in stock. No coupon code necessary. If you order other physical items at the same time, your entire order will ship when the Grafton is in stock.

16 thoughts on “Introducing the Grafton Dress, Top and Skirt Mix & Match Pack!

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m a little confused how the darts in the fitted top work… is it a peplum or a fisheye?

    1. Kathleen says:

      It looks like the fitted top stops at the waist. You would need to add a waistband or create your own peplum. But that’s easy to do. Just use the A line or flared skirt pattern and cut it the length you want.

      1. CATHERINE says:

        Hi! if you look at the pattern it’s a full length top, hence my confusion 🙂

        1. Ayelet says:

          Hi Catherine, when making the top version you don’t sew the darts.

          -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  2. Vivian says:

    Fabulous pattern!!

  3. Bree says:

    what fabric is the shiny purple?? It looks amazing!!

    1. Ayelet says:

      It’s a stretch metallic knit!

  4. Cathi says:

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around how the skirt works with the relaxed bodice because that bodice has a larger waist.
    Do you use a larger size or are there different “relaxed bodice” skirt pieces?

    1. The waist is the same size when making the dress for both bodices

      1. Cathi says:

        So, where does the waist dart go? I know it’s going to be a simple answer but my brain isn’t finding it. lol

        1. Ayelet says:

          Hi Cathi, the waist edge of the relaxed fit bodice is the same length as the waist edge of the fitted bodice (once the waist darts have been sewn up). So you attach the waistband to both bodice types in the same way.

          -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  5. Colleen says:

    I am wondering if the sleeves/bodice/skirt are interchangeable with the knit dress pattern (Foxhill) from your first book, and if the sleeves will go on the knit shirt (Eustis) from your second? I do have two of the three patterns and could unfold everything to walk the seams, was just hoping for an authoritative (and less messy!) word before offering all the options to a sister for her next present.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Colleen, those patterns weren’t designed to mix and match with the Grafton, but there’s a possibility it could work!

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  6. JJ says:

    If one is not particularly curvy (small bust, Appel shaped), would this still work? I love the versatility of this pattern, but I’m an A cup in bras and worry it won’t work for me. I’m a beginner.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi JJ! The Grafton is specifically designed for C+ cup sizes, but you may be able to use the C/D cup option without issue! Feel free to send us your measurements to and we’ll be happy to help you directly.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  7. Jessica O says:

    Can I move the dart for the dress bodice to the side. I prefer them at the side for some reason instead of in the front meeting the waist. I should be able to find something about moving a bodice dart.

Let me know what you think!