September 20, 2023

Your Cashmerette Makes: 13 Gorgeous Grafton Dresses

Have you met the newest addition to the Cashmerette Collection? It’s the Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt Mix & Match Pack and it’s going to revolutionize your knit wardrobe. The Grafton features multiple bodice, skirt, sleeve, and neckline options to make over 400 possible knit dresses, tops, and skirts. Get inspired to sew your own array of gorgeous Graftons after perusing these Grafton dresses sewn by makers in our community!


We know you love options, so we’ve brought you a knit pattern that can do it all. The Grafton comes in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H, and with an array of bodice, neckline, sleeve and skirt options there are so many potential dress possibilities, it could make your mind spin.

But that’s why we’re here to help! Here are 12 different looks made by Cashmerette makers to help inspire you in making your own Grafton Dress masterpiece. Enjoy!

Julia’s Grafton Dress

Julia’s Grafton Dress has got some major flower power! She sewed hers in a size 20 C/D and chose a happy floral cotton jersey. For this rendition of the Grafton, Julie went with a fitted bodice, a scoop neckline, mid-length sleeves, and A-line skirt. Versatile and easy to sew, this fun floral frock is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

Her measurements are 43” high bust, 46” full bust, 39” waist, and 45” hips.

Julia had this to say about her Grafton Dress:

“I’m so excited by the versatility of the pattern pieces! The mix-and-match design will make this pattern a wardrobe staple. I made a fitted bodice with a round neckline and sleeves and an A-line skirt. It was a quick and easy sew with so much wardrobe potential.”

Check out more of Julia’s makes on Instagram at @jujugalore.

Jacqui’s Grafton Dress

This maxi dress has style to the max. With the eye-catching floral ITY fabric, the trending square neckline, and flowing maxi skirt we can get enough of Jacqui’s take on the Grafton Dress. She sewed hers in a 12 C/D and admitted that the hardest part of this make was narrowing down what to try first! We think that this combination was an excellent start.

Her measurements are 37” high bust, 39” full bust, 33” waist, and 38” hips.

Jacqui shared this about her Grafton Dress:

“The hardest part was what to try first! I love maxis and interesting necklines so this was my first combination.”

See more of what Jacqui is sewing up at @Mad_Sewing_Scientist.

Michelle’s Grafton Dress

Michelle made her Grafton Dress truly her own and we can’t get enough! Drawn to the versatility of the pattern, she took the relaxed fit top and turned it into a dress that will definitely turn heads. She sewed hers in a size 20 C/D and used an interlock knit to create this delightful knee-length turtleneck dress. And you can be sure that Michelle is already envisioning a number of other Grafton makes utilizing panels and fun prints!

Her measurements are 45” high bust, 48” full bust, 40” waist, and 51” hips.

Michelle had this to say about her Grafton Dress:

“The Grafton is a pattern that allows you to explore a variety of styles in one pattern. I loved the look of the relaxed fit top but wanted it as a dress – so I hacked it into a dress and its perfect! I can really see myself using this for many projects, especially with panels and fun prints!”

Follow along with more of Michelle’s makes on Instagram at @elitaveramakes.

Rebecca’s Grafton Dress

It’s Rebecca’s first perfectly pleasing purple Grafton Dress, but don’t worry she already has 3 others planned out! She sewed hers in a size 6 E/F graded to an 8 in the hip and chose a lovely purple mid-weight bamboo jersey that is light and flowy and perfect for this scoop neck, long-sleeve, maxi Grafton masterpiece. Inspired by a ready-to-wear dress that didn’t quite fit her bust, she crafted her own and is loving it. We have to admit, we love it too! 

Her measurements are 32.5” high bust, 38” full bust, 28” waist, and 39” hips.

Rebecca shared this about her Grafton Dress:

“I LOVE the Grafton pattern! It is so flexible, I already have 3 other makes planned out — and they will be completely different! You really could make an entire knit wardrobe out of this one pattern! This dress was inspired by a ready-to-wear dress which I coveted, but it never fit me well because of my bust!”

See more of what Rebecca is sewing up on Instagram at @lushsewing.

Kemi’s Grafton Dresses

Kemi was so inspired by all the possibilities of the Grafton Dress that she went above and beyond and crafted 4 different Graftons! All were sewn in a size 14 E/F with an array of different fabrics that perfectly personalize each make.

For her first look she chose a black ponte and decided on a sleeveless square neck fitted bodice with slash pockets and no waistband. Her second and third looks are sewn in stunning viscose and bamboo jersey with a relaxed bodice and straight skirt. And her fourth Grafton is another square neck delight sewn in a crepe jersey with a maxi skirt with side slits and in-seam pockets. Head over heels for the square neckline and the variety of looks she’s able to achieve with this pattern, she’s loving the fit of each of her Graftons and has plans to make even more, particularly a sleeved version for the fall.

Her measurements are 41” high bust, 43” full bust, 36” waist, and 44” hips.

Kemi shared this about her Grafton Dresses:

“All great pieces to sew and comfortable to wear. The square neckline suits my personal style. I received compliments each time I wore one of them. I loved the variety of bodice, waistband and skirt combination options and plan to try a few of them in the future. I love the  fit of all the versions I have made so far. Planning to make some sleeved options for the fall.”

See more of what Kemi is sewing up on Instagram at @kemiadubi.

Sangeeta’s Grafton Dress

Sangeeta’s Grafton Dress is a ray of sunshine and it makes us happy just looking at it! She chose a yellow floral cotton jersey and sewed hers in a size 18 C/D. She decided to go with a sleeveless square neck with an A-line skirt and despite this being her first time making a lined bodice using the burrito method, she nailed it. She’s loving her sunshine-y dress and already has more pattern combinations up her sleeve—er, sleeveless.

Her measurements are 42” high bust, 44” full bust, 38” waist, and 48” hips.

Sangeeta shared this about her Grafton Dress:

“I made the sleeveless square neckline bodice and the A-line skirt. It was the square neckline that was the reason I really wanted to make the dress, and I love how it turned out. It was my first time making a lined bodice and the first time using the burrito method.  The instructions were very thorough so it wasn’t that difficult.  I used the slash pockets from the straight skirt on the A-line skirt. All in all I really love the dress and will definitely make more and try other combinations.”

Follow along with more of Sangeeta’s makes on Instagram at @thedressgarden.

Gowri’s Grafton Dress

Gowri’s Grafton is slim fitting and sophisticated and the perfect dress to wear to a special occasion or a night on the town! She sewed hers in a size 8 C/D and chose a lovely turquoise jersey. She selected the sleeveless square neck option paired with an asymmetrical draped skirt which is definitely giving us old Hollywood vibes. Surprised by the ease of the sew and versatility of the pattern, you can be sure that Gowri will be adding additional Graftons to her wardrobe before all is said and done.

Her measurements are 34” high bust, 35.5” full bust, 29” waist, and 33” hips.

Gowri shared this about her Grafton Dress:

“I was surprised what a quick sew it turned out to be! And how amazing so many different styles from one pattern!!”

Check out more of Gowri’s makes on Instagram at @bypaary.

Lolie’s Grafton Dress

Another fabulous little black dress! For her cotton French terry Grafton, Lolie used the fitted bodice with the square neckline and added bishop sleeves for even more of an impact. She made a size 14 E/F and graded to an 18 in the waist and hips.

Lolie’s measurements are 39″ high bust, 43″ full bust, 37.5″ waist, and 48″ hip.

Lolie said this about her Grafton:

“Sewing the Grafton, and especially choosing what I wanted it to be like from the myriad of options was super fun. The pattern came together super well and I like the result.”

You can see more of what Lolie’s sewing up over on Instagram at @lolieya.

Caroline B’s Grafton Dress

Caroline B’s Grafton Dress is a bishop sleeved black and white beauty. Sewn in a medium weight knit in a size 18 C/D graded to a 26 at the waist, Caroline chose a fitted bodice and A-line skirt paired with the sophisticated bishop sleeve. While she was taken away by the endless possibilities, we’re taken away by this perfectly personalized and beautiful Grafton Dress.

Her measurements are 43” high bust, 45.5” full bust, 46” waist, and 50.5” hips.

Here’s what Caroline had to say about her Grafton Dress:

“I loved the endless possibilities with making the Grafton. I chose to make the fitted bodice with the bishop sleeves and the waist band with the A line skirt.”

Check out more of Caroline’s fabulous makes on Instagram at @Carolines_Handmades and on her YouTube Channel.

Leah’s Grafton Dress

The clean lines and the stunning raspberry knit fabric makes Leah’s Grafton Dress an absolute showstopper. She chose a lovely mid-weight knit and sewed hers in a size 8 C/D graded to a 6 at the waist and hips and also removed the bust darts. She went with a square neckline and despite having cut the pattern as separates, decided last minute to shorten the bodice and make it a dress and we’re so glad she did. She loves the final result and is ready to rock her Grafton this holiday season.

Her measurements are 37” high bust, 37” full bust, 31” waist, and 38” hips.

Here’s what Leah had to say about her Grafton Dress:

“I love love love the square neckline of the Grafton! I’ve never sewn a pattern with a square neckline/angled sleeves. Honestly, it reminds me of my wedding dress. I originally cut the pattern as separates, but loved the fitted, clean lines, and I decided to shorten the bodice and make it a dress. I’m so pleased with how it came out! It’s the perfect holiday party dress!”

See more of what Leah is sewing up on Instagram at @Leah_wink.

Sew your own Grafton Dress

If you’re feeling inspired to start sewing your own Grafton dress then let’s get sewing! The Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt Mix & Match Pack is available to all to purchase—no need to be a Cashmerette Club member. But Club members in the Plus and All Access levels can use their exclusive discounts to save on this new pattern. And if you pre-order the Grafton Dress, Top & Skirt printed pattern, you’ll get the Grafton PDF pattern for free, instantly!

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  1. Kristīne Priede says:

    bit disappointed to see so many slim models on Cashmerette site. Model with 51″ hips is the biggest? Really? I have 52″ and feel sad with all this. If I want to see patterns modeled on slim girls, I have plenty of other companies where I can get it.

    1. Amy Pindle says:

      I was also disappointed to see so few models in larger sizes. No models have G/H cups and no models sewed anything larger than a 20 in the upper body. Hopefully we see a fuller upper range come through over time.

    2. Janis says:

      I have to agree.

  2. Vee says:

    I love seeing so many variations come from one pattern- they all look so unique and best of all, fit so many different bodies so well! Congratulations on such a versatile and beautiful pattern! Can’t wait to sew mine.

  3. Sandy says:

    I like that there are models of all sizes, and that you share their measurements. Some folks love these patterns not because they’re a “plus” but because their body’s proportions are widely different than in commercial patterns.

  4. Eugenia says:

    I will definitely be buying this pattern !I love that you also show the patterns on slim models, I have 50” hips and have slimmer daughters who want me to make my Cashmerette outfits for them as well!

  5. Michelle Culp says:

    I love seeing the different body types. It reminds me that I can use this pattern for my post menopausal, no longer slim, with huge boobs body as well as my slender, curvy, athletic 17 year old daughter’s body. Thank you Cashmerette for providing options for all types of women. When I started sewing 30+ years ago, I was tiny but clothes still didn’t fit right. I blamed it on my body and thought I wasn’t slim enough. It never occurred to me that the clothes were the problem

  6. Desiree says:

    I Aldo love seeing such a variety in body shapes. And the pattern is very exciting! It’s on my list to buy

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