March 7, 2023

Your Club Makes: 11 Exquisite Elmwood Skirts

We can’t get enough of this month’s Cashmerette Club pattern, the Elmwood Skirt! Here’s how eleven makers put their own creative spin on the Elmwood to inspire you to do the same!

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From day to night, you’ll be exuding confidence and style in your Elmwood. The Elmwood Skirt is a sleek woven (or stretch woven) pencil skirt designed for curves with hip-hugging side seams, back darts, and a curved waistband. With two hem lengths and optional pockets, your pencil skirt dreams are finally coming true.

The Elmwood Skirt comes in sizes 0-32 and is available exclusively to Cashmerette Club members. Not a member yet? Join today for as little as $9 USD—cancel anytime.

There are so many ways to personalize this chic pencil skirt. Let’s take a look!

Sarah’s Elmwood Skirt

We’re swooning for Sarah’s striking twist on the Elmwood. She chose a rayon/polyester gabardine that looks both elegant and comfortable all at once.

Sarah sewed a size 30 and her measurements are 49” waist, and 59” hips.

Sarah had this to say about her Elmwood Skirt:

“Sewing the Elmwood Skirt was straight forward and the instructions made putting an invisible zipper into a lined garment easy. The sewing construction looks neat and high end with sharp finishes and no visible top stitching.

I was worried that the longer length would be too long, but it’s a great wearable length (I’m 5’6″). It’s by far the most comfortable pencil skirt I’ve ever worn. And sitting in it is great—no cutting in or extra tight waistband!”

Check out more of Sarah’s makes on Instagram at @curvypatterndatabase and her website at

Anastacia’s Elmwood Skirt

We’re simply captivated by Anastacia’s corduroy Elmwood! This bright orange cotton corduroy skirt can easily go from day to night and is giving us the color and texture that we crave. Anastacia sewed a size 14 waist graded to a 16 hip. Her measurements are 36” waist, and 48” hips.

Anastacia shared this about her Elmwood:

“I found the instructions very clear, easy to follow and a very quick sew. I love the skirt and I will definitely be making more. The fact that it’s lined is also a bonus.”

See more of what Anastacia is sewing up on Instagram at @tjs_styles.

Kacy’s Elmwood Skirt

Kacy’s Elmwood is giving us a pop of pink and we’re here for it! She chose a vibrant pink linen that is both versatile and chic. Whether paired with an Alton Blouse for a more polished look or a t-shirt and sneakers for a more casual vibe, this Elmwood is a showstopper no matter what.

Kacy sewed a size 16 at the waist and graded to an 18 at the hips. Her measurements are 36” waist, and 48” hips.

Kacy shared this about her Elmwood Skirt:

“The Elmwood was a delight to sew and I’ve always wanted a really classic pencil skirt and was thrilled to have the option of pockets. If I don’t have pockets I’m lost! The instructions were wonderful and I really enjoyed my day spent mindfully sewing it together. I’ve been wearing this with an Alton Blouse for a more put together look. But I can also see myself wearing this with a t-shirt and sneakers on a more casual dress day. I’ve got some ideas for some contrasting pockets next time around which I can’t wait to try.”

Check out more of what Kacy is making over on Instagram at @krakenkacy.

Bernice’s Elmwood Skirt

Bernice’s Elmwood Skirt is simply electrifying! She chose a patterned linen cotton blend that gives her pencil skirt brilliant visual appeal.

Bernice made a size 10 waist graded to a 4 hip. Her measurements are 30″ waist, and 37″ hips. 

Bernice shared this about her Elmwood:

“I’ve always had problems finding a straight/pencil skirt to fit me because my waist falls several sizes larger than my hip size. I like the construction method and techniques used!”

Bernice loved her Elmwood so much, that she made a second version, this time with a lovely and versatile stretch denim. She sewed a size 8 waist graded to a 4 hip. Her measurements are 30″ waist 37″ hips.

See more of what Bernice is sewing up on Instagram at @sewbee73.

Tino’s Elmwood Skirt

Tino’s Elmwood Skirt is a beautiful and bold Ankara masterpiece and we couldn’t love it more. She chose a vibrant Ankara fabric to truly personalize this piece and make it her own.

Tino sewed her Elmwood in a size 16 and graded to a size 18 at the hip. Her measurements are 35″ waist and 48″ hips.

Here’s what Tino shared about her Elmwood Skirt:

“I really enjoyed making this skirt. Sewing the skirt was really easy and straightforward. I learned some really nice finishing techniques. The insides are just beautiful and it’s fully lined.”

You can follow along with more of Tino’s sewing adventures on Instagram at @sewstartino and her website

Elise’s Elmwood Skirt

Elise’s Elmwood is a cozy warm herringbone dream! The burgundy color in a wool herringbone blend is giving us the textured warmth that we crave during these cold winter months. Personalized to polished perfection, Elise sewed her Elmwood in a size 14. Her measurements are 34″ waist 42″ hips.

Elise had this to say about her Elmwood Skirt:

“The construction was straightforward and I liked the method of attaching the lining neatly to the shell. I really like that the Elmwood is lined—it makes it much easier to wear with tights without the fabric sticking to my legs. It hangs much more nicely with the slippery lining inside. I like the way my skirt fits and looks.”

Check out what Elise is sewing over on Instagram at @fleurdelisedesign.

Allison’s Elmwood Skirt

Allison’s classic denim Elmwood with a bit of stretch is stylish and comfortable. Dress it up or dress it down, this delightful pencil skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Allison sewed a size 20 and her measurements are 41″ waist 47″ hips.

Here’s what Allison had to say about her Elmwood Skirt:

“The instructions are extremely informative and help you to sew a professional lined skirt. Prior to making this skirt, I have really struggled to find a skirt pattern that fits. This skirt is perfect, it looks and feels like a fitted pencil skirt, but is comfortable to wear all day long. So much so that I have cut out the other version straight away.”

See more of Allison’s makes over on Instagram at @alli.sewn.

Shawnta’s Elmwood Skirt

Smart and polished with a pop of pattern, Shawnta’s Elmwood Skirt is checking off all the right boxes. She chose a textured poly suiting that is giving us professional powerhouse vibes. Harkening back to when her mom used to get ready for work, Shawnta’s Elmwood is not only chic but it’s also nostalgic.

Shawnta sewed her Elmwood in a size 12. Her measurements are 32” waist 44″ hips.

Shawnta had this to say about her Elmwood Skirt:

“This felt so nostalgic for me in that I remember my mom getting ready for work and she always wore a blouse and smart pencil skirt. Of course I love the pockets being in the front so they don’t gape like typical slant pockets.”

Follow along with more of Shawnta’s makes on Instagram at @divinerae.

Emily’s Elmwood Skirt

Now this is what we call office chic! Emily is exuding confidence and style in her classic Elmwood Skirt. She chose a wool, cotton, and linen blend that is giving her Elmwood a polished and stylish appeal. She sewed a size 12 and her measurements are 33″ waist 40″ hips.

Emily shared this about her Elmwood Skirt:

“Excellent experience from putting together the PDF (love the gridlines!) to construction. It’s comfortable to wear and a great fit. Love the detailed instructions as I’ve never made a fitted lined skirt. It was a great piece to learn from.”

Check out more of Emily’s makes on Instagram at @emsewhappy and her website

Kelly’s Elmwood Skirt

We’re loving the texture on Kelly’s Elmwood! She chose a navy blue 100% wool suiting and it’s definitely giving us vintage pencil skirt vibes. She paired it with a polka dot and daisy lining for a pop of whimsy. She sewed her Elmwood in a size 6 waist graded to a size 10 hip. Her measurements are 28.5″ waist and 40.5″ hips.

Here’s what Kelly had to say about her Elmwood:

“I really enjoyed sewing the Elmwood Skirt because it’s clearly a well thought out pattern, with lots of lovely little features. I love that it’s fully lined and loosely held in place with thread chains. The pocket is faced like a jeans pocket, so you can use a lighter weight fabric for the lower portion. The vent at the back is just right for comfortable movement. This is the first woven pencil skirt I’ve had that fits both my waist and hips! It looks so smart and has all the features you would expect of a high end, professional looking skirt.”

Check out more of Kelly’s makes at @thingskellymade.

Samantha’s Elmwood Skirt

Samantha’s Elmwood Skirt is a shimmery showpiece that proves that with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your Elmwood into whatever you want it to be! Samantha chose a foiled linen and added a feature zip to the front. She also used zipper teeth like piping as a detail on the pocket openings and exposed zip on the back. The result is an edgy, biker chic pencil skirt that is an absolute showstopper!

Samantha sewed hers in a size 18 waist graded to 14 hips. Her measurements are 38″ waist and 45″ hips.

Samantha shared this about her Elmwood:

“I found the Elmwood a brilliant skirt to add my unique details to. It fits perfectly into my wardrobe as a staple with distinction. It was a very straight forward sew but has so much potential for interpretation.”

Check out more of Samantha’s fabulous makes on Instagram at @samanthapopecreations and on her website

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