August 23, 2022

Kick off fall in a new Kimball!

Cooler weather is just around the corner, so we’re bringing you some jacket inspiration with 6 gorgeous Kimball Bomber Jackets!

If you have big boobs, bomber jackets are often either too tight through the chest, or overly baggy in order to accommodate your curves. But with the Kimball Bomber Jacket—available in sizes 0-32 and cup size C-H—you get an awesome fit not just at the bust, but everywhere!

The Kimball was the first Cashmerette Club pattern we released back in February, and now that fall is near, it’s time to pull it back out of the stash. If you haven’t yet joined the Club, it’s not to too late to get the Kimball: you can join at the All Access level to get the Kimball plus lots of other patterns, masterclasses, exclusive discounts, and more.

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To get you in the mood for fall sewing, we recruited six fabulous makers to put their spin on the Kimball. Each jacket is so unique, and demonstrates how versatile this pattern is: from twill to denim to jacquard, this pattern works well with so many fabrics.

Sean’s Kimball

Cosplay queen Sean’s Kimball styling was inspired by Captain Marvel’s suit. She used two colors of a lightweight microsuede and a red scuba ribbing for the cuffs, collar, and waistband. She made a size 22 E/F and her measurements are 48″ high bust, 51″ full bust, 47″ waist, and 54″ hip.

Here’s what Sean told us about her Kimball:

“I wanted to make a bomber jacket with the same vibe as Captain Marvel’s super suit. So I color blocked the jacket with red and blue and all the hardware is gold. Since I color blocked in a chevron shape, I also quilted my sleeves in a chevron. The directions of the zipper pockets were so clear and I think these are the CLEANEST zipper pockets I’ve ever done! The prep work of cutting, quilting, and pockets took the majority of the build time; once those were done, assemblage of the Kimball was super quick and straightforward!”

See more of Sean’s fabulously-creative cosplay creations over on Instagram at @qfacepaint.

Jamara’s Kimball

For her Kimball, Jamara chose a striped denim with contrast red ribbing and notions. Adorable!!

She made a size 6 C/D, and her measurements are 34″ high bust, 36″ full bust, 28.5″ waist, and 37″ hip.

Here’s what Jamara had to say about sewing her Kimball:

“OMG I loved it. I learned so many techniques. The clean lines on the inside made the jacket feel so professional.”

See more of Jamara’s makes on Instagram at @sewsewjam.

Emma’s Kimball

Emma created patchwork using a Liberty cotton lawn bundle, and turned it into a one-of-a-kind Kimball Bomber Jacket. The red pieces in the front come together with the blue pieces of the back in lovely lavender quilted sleeves.

Emma made a size 20 G/H. Her measurements are 45″ high bust, 49″ full bust, 40″ waist, and 48″ hip.

Emma shared this about her Kimball:

“I loved sewing it. It was such a mindful process for me with finishing all the seams and working towards a real staple. I feel great wearing it, this fit is fab, particularly the cropped length!”

See more of what Emma’s sewing up on her Instagram at @emmaandhermachine.

Sofía’s Kimball

Sofía made a sporty Kimball with an olive stretch twill and black ribbing. She made a size 16 C/D, and plans to try the 14 G/H next time. Her measurements are 38″ high bust, 43″ full bust, 33″ waist, and 42″ hips.

Sofía shared this about her Kimball:

“I’ve worn this jacket out a couple times now and I love how comfortable it is! It’s versatile for a night out or even for a casual walk outside. I can’t wait to make another version of this jacket. I’m also surprised at how warm it is. Really happy with the fabric I selected.”

Follow Sofía’s sewing adventures on Instagram at @stitchesbysewfia.

Jess’s Kimball

Jess used an animal-print ponte jacquard with a viscose lining for her Kimball. She made a size 2 G/H and her measurements are 31″ high bust, 36″ full bust, 26″ waist, and 36″ hip.

Here’s what Jess told us about her Kimball:

“I absolutely loved sewing the jacket. The instructions were easy to follow but I learnt loads and I’m really proud of the garment!”

Check out Jess’s makes on Youtube and on Instagram at @sowhatifisew.

Sierra’s Kimball

Last but not least is Cashmerette model and sewist extraordinaire Sierra! Sierra used a cotton/poly blend twill and contrasting cotton ribbing for her Kimball. She made a size 26 G/H and her measurements are 50.5″ high bust, 56″ full bust, 46″ waist, and 56″ hips.

Here’s what Sierra told us about her Kimball:

“I was initially intimidated by this project but the directions were very clear. I feel accomplished after making the jacket and I’m super excited to try out a style that I’ve been interested in for years. It is a great lightweight jacket for the transition between seasons.”

See more of what Sierra is up to in her sewing room on her blog and on Instagram @sierraburrell.

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