June 10, 2019

Introducing the new and improved Lenox Shirtdress!

Update 9/2021: the Lenox Shirtdress now includes sizes 12-32 and cup sizes C-H. For more on the newest version of the Lenox, see this blog post.

We knew when we launched the Lenox Shirtdress two years ago it was likely to be a hit – sewists love a great shirtdress, especially when it’s designed for curves and doesn’t gape.

Recently, when we started to run out of patterns, we decided to see what we could do to make it even better. So, welcome to Lenox Shirtdress 2.0!

Here are the changes we made:

  • A new type of collar, which is sandwiched into the new collar band and lies flat. We found this is easier to sew, has a neater finish, and doesn’t splay open as collars sometimes do with a V neck
  • A new flat banded finish for View B, similar to our Appleton Dress neckband
  • An improved fit through the bodice, based on your feedback, with narrowed shoulders and a sleeker fit through the side seams

And with a new improved Lenox comes new photography! We love how View A with the collar looks on Sierra in a classic chambray:

Sierra measures 54″ bust, 44″ waist, and 54″ hip and is wearing a size 24 G/H.

Syreeta shows off how awesome the Lenox looks in a coral eyelet with amazing scalloped edges (she’s wearing a slip that matches her skin color underneath)

Syreeta measures 45″ bust, 37″ waist, and 46″ hip and is wearing a size 16 G/H graded to an 18 at the waist.

For View B, Aizhan is in a lovely textured Atelier Brunette rayon:

Aizhan measures 45″ bust, 40″ waist, and 50″ hip and is wearing a size 18 C/D graded to a 20 at the waist.

Want to try the new Lenox Shirtdress? Here’s how:

  • If you haven’t bought it before, head on over to our store to purchase!
  • If you have bought it before:
    • If you purchased a PDF directly from us, check your email as we will automatically send you a free copy of the new PDF pattern.
    • If you purchased a Printed Pattern directly from us, email us at hello@cashmerette.com with your customer details (name and the email address you use to purchase from us, and your order # if you have it) and we will send you a free copy of the PDF pattern.
    • If you purchased a Printed Pattern or PDF Pattern from another retailer (i.e. not directly from us), please email us a proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a free copy of the PDF pattern.

11 thoughts on “Introducing the new and improved Lenox Shirtdress!

  1. I’ll be checking my email to see about the new copy! No sign of it yet….but I’ll keep checking. I love the updates!

  2. Miss Celie says:

    This is a marked improvement and I can’t wait to make up my new one. Have fabric that was slated for shirt dress!

  3. TheYellowrose21 says:

    Is the waist supposed to be empire? or is it supposed to be at the waist? It appears empire on two of the models and more toward the waist on the last model.

    1. The Lenox Waistband is at the high waist. It appears a little higher on Syreeta (in the coral eyelet version) because she’s very tall and also holding up her arms in some of the photos!

  4. Tanja says:

    I am just sewing the new version and it’s too tight at the back and the sleeves were an inch too tight, although i cut the same size. Sadly I cannot wear it and have to throw away my hard work.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Tanja, so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the fit! If you want to email us at hello@cashmerette.com and we’ll be happy to help.
      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  5. Sara Saxton says:

    I’m also having the same problem as Tanja. Bodice seems to fit ok, but the sleeves are shorter than the armscyes, even though they are cut in the same size.

  6. Julia says:

    Whenever I click a link to the page to purchase the pattern, I get taken back to the main page. Has the pattern been removed?

    1. Mallory Donohue says:

      Hi Julia, we’re currently re-vamping the Lenox! Keep an eye on the newsletter for a release!

  7. salpal1 says:

    Hi, I know I am late to the game here, but just wondering… the pattern goes up to size 32, but the fabric requirements chart, and body measurements chart linked to it only go up to size 28. Is there somewhere else to find this info?


    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi! You can find the latest measurements and fabric requirements chart on the Lenox page: https://cashmerette.com/lenox

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

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