July 9, 2018

Make your Ipswich Swimsuit a tankini! Free expansion pack

You asked… we delivered! Today I’m excited to launch a brand new free expansion pack for the Ipswich Swimsuit to make it into a tankini with a super cute peplum skirt.

The tankini is a retro style, and it’s perfect if you want a vintage look, want a little bit more coverage at the beach, or prefer the comfort of two pieces but without having your tummy in the breeze.

It’s also easy to construct – there are instructions on the tankini construction in the downloadable PDF, which expand on the existing instructions for the bikini version of the Ipswich.

As designed, the tankini skirt is 12″ long and almost gives the appearance of a skirted swimsuit if you’re 5’6″ and short waisted like me! You can easily alter the peplum to be longer or shorter. On this suit (and in the kits), the high waisted bikini bottoms underneath are solid navy.

Now there are three ways to make your Ipswich Swimsuit, and I look forward to seeing your tankinis!

One thought on “Make your Ipswich Swimsuit a tankini! Free expansion pack

  1. Ruby Exum says:

    I love the skirt on the swimsuit. It gives it a flirty look and still lots of coverage. Good job!

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