May 28, 2020

Preview our Swimsuit Making for Curves Workshop

It’s Cashmerette Swim Week, our week-long celebration of the Ipswich Swimsuit!

The Ipswich Swimsuit is now available in sizes 12-32 and cup sizes C-H. When we were designing the Ipswich, we wanted to make a swimsuit that would be fun to sew and wear, but would be super supportive as well. The Ipswich includes an optional built-in bra so that everything stays in place as you’re living your best beach or pool life.

If you’ve never sewn a swimsuit or a bra before, the Ipswich can be a bit intimidating. How great would it be to have Jenny in your sewing room with you, showing you how to sew a swimsuit from beginning to end? Thankfully, with our Swimsuit Making for Curves workshop, you can get exactly that! (And you don’t even have to supply Jenny with the endless cups of tea she requires.) This workshop also includes a free copy of the Ipswich Swimsuit pattern, or a different Cashmerette pattern if you already own the Ipswich.

Wondering if this course is right for you? Here are two mini lessons excerpted from the workshop—the first is all about choosing fabric for your Ipswich, while the second gets you familiar with the types of stitches you’ll be using to construct your swimsuit.

Introduction to Swimwear Fabric

Swimwear Stitch Types

Let me know what you think!