February 15, 2018

Activewear Sewalong: Belmont Pants Day 1

Okay, friends, we’re moving along to the Belmont Leggings & Yoga Pants section of our sewalong. Make sure you’ve made your preparations from this post first. We’ll be working through both views together, since most of the instructions are the same. For the sake of this sewalong, we’ll be making View A (the leggings) without the optional crotch gusset and View B (the yoga pants) with the gusset. Either view can be made with or without the gusset; it does make construction more difficult but it also is a great option for extra mobility if you’re making your Belmont Pants for exercise.

Today, we’ll be starting with the inseams and outseams of both legs.

We’re starting with the inseam for the sake of photos, but in the instructions, we start with the outseams.

If you’re making the view without the gusset, pin the inseams of one front and one back leg, right sides together, all the way from the ankle to the crotch.

If you’re making the view with the gusset, pin the front and back leg together along the inseams, right sides together, up to the notch below the crotch (the back leg has one more notch above this that will line up with the gusset).

Sew the inseam to the stopping point for your view. Press the seam allowance to the back leg. Pin the outseam of the leg from the ankle to the waist, matching the notches.

Sew the outseam and press to the back leg. Repeat these steps with the second set of front and back legs. That’s it for today! Next time, we’ll attach the optional gusset and sew the crotch seams.

2 thoughts on “Activewear Sewalong: Belmont Pants Day 1

  1. Laura says:

    I have a question about the outseams. I’m confused by the written instructions for the leggings in step 1. The diagrams make it look like the outseams should match up perfectly. When I started pinning my pieces together they did not match up at all. How should I be putting the outseams together?

    1. Yes, the outseams of the front and back leg pattern pieces match up exactly. If they’re not, you’ll need to make sure you traced the right pattern pieces at the right sizes, that you’re placing a front and back together (not two fronts or two backs) and you’re lining up outseams not inseams.

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