January 25, 2018

Activewear Sewalong: Spruce Tank Day 2

Today we’re going to finish the front and back necklines of the Cedar Workout Tank using Fold Over Elastic (FOE). I’m using contrast thread in this sewalong so you can see the stitches, but you can choose to use matching thread or contrast for personalization! Also, I’m using pins to show you where we’re fastening the elastic but I HIGHLY recommend using wonder tape for this part; it makes attaching the elastic worlds easier.

Let’s start with the front. The first few steps are the same for both the crew neck and v-neck variations; the v-neck just has one additional step at the end.

Start by cutting a piece of FOE about 1” (2.5 cm) longer than your neckline. Stretch it several times. Pin the wrong side of the FOE (either matte or shiny, your choice) to the wrong side of the tank front, lining up the raw edge of the neckline with the center fold line of the FOE. The FOE will extend about 1/2” (12 mm) past the shoulder on either side. Pin from the right side.

Sew using a regular sewing machine with a walking foot if you have one. Go slowly and attach using a wide zigzag or triple zigzag stitch from the right side of the top. If you’re making the v-neck, when you reach the V, keep the needle down and pivot the fabric before sewing up the second side.

Press the FOE to the right side along its fold line, sandwiching the raw edge of the neckline. Press lightly and use a press cloth to avoid melting the elastic. Pin in place from the right side.

Slowly sew the FOE closed using a wide zigzag or triple zigzag stitch from the right side of the top, just as you did in the first step.

If you’re making the crew neck, you’re done with the front! If you’re making the V-neck, fold the front in half vertically at the V with right sides together. Pinch the FOE at the corner of the V and sew a straight line of stitches down the FOE to form the V on the right side. Lightly press the V using a press cloth.

Repeat all of the FOE steps with the back neckline. Now both of your necklines are finished! That’s it for today. Next time, we’ll sew the shoulder seams, apply FOE to the armholes, and sew the side seams.

Let me know what you think!