February 13, 2017

Introducing the “Fitting for Curves” online workshop

Learning to sew when you’re curvy is a revelation – suddenly, you’ve got unlimited options rather than a rack of polyester cold-shoulder tops. But, it can be frustrating when you don’t fit into a “straight” size out of the packet (almost no-one does!), and the prospect of learning to adjust patterns can be daunting. That’s why I developed a new workshop, Fitting for Curves: Pattern Adjustments for the Upper Body, which de-mystifies fitting once and for all.

Learn to fit with videos + an eBook

Fitting for Curves is an online workshop which consists of two elements to help you master the techniques, whatever your learning style:

  • 21 clear and easy to follow videos which cover the basics of how to measure yourself, pick a pattern size to start from, and make a muslin, and then dive into sixteen common pattern adjustments to address fitting the bust, neck, shoulders, back and arms, including multiple types of Full Bust Adjustment.
  • A downloadable 45 page eBook accompanies the videos, giving step-by-step illustrated instructions which you can use to follow along and refer to at any time. You can view the eBook on your computer, tablet or phone, or print it out if you’d like a hard copy to keep by your sewing machine.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident in diagnosing fit issues in the upper body, and know how to fix them, so you can make garments that fit really well.

The online format means you can learn from the comfort of home, without having to block out time in your schedule or travel to a class. You can also go at your own pace, and because the videos are available to you forever, so you can refer back to them whenever you need to, as you tackle new patterns or sew for other people. There’s also a place to ask questions and get personalized feedback.

What you’ll learn in the workshop

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of plus size fitting, including:

  • How to measure yourself to make sure your garment will fit
  • How to choose a pattern size to start from
  • How to make a muslin
  • Multiple types of Full Bust Adjustment, including FBA on a 1 dart bodice, 2 dart bodice, princess seam, knit bodice, and dartless bodice. 
  • How to get a smooth bust fit by raising, lowering, splitting or rotating darts
  • How to prevent the dreaded gaping armholes and necklines
  • How to adjust shoulder width and position to fit your frame
  • How to fix fabric pooling caused by a hollow chest
  • Four approaches to back fit including sway back adjustments on patterns with and without a center back seam
  • How to make your sleeves more comfortable with a full bicep adjustment

I decided to develop this workshop after hearing from so many women that they struggle with fitting, and want advice that’s tailored to a curvy body, and results in contemporary garments (no more crazy muumuus needed, thank you very much). I hope you find it helpful!

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24 thoughts on “Introducing the “Fitting for Curves” online workshop

  1. she wears linen says:

    Will this course be good for small busted curvy women? Just because we are big and curvy doesn’t mean we are big and busty..


    1. The course covers a range of adjustments, including those for the back, shoulders, neck and arms which are all relevant to curvy women of all proportionsz It doesn’t have a lesson on small bust adjustments, though.

  2. Li says:

    Are you going to be doing a “fitting for curves: lower body” course at some point? I’d love to see you fit larger stomachs into pants!

    1. Once we have a pants pattern, we hope to 🙂

      1. Liz says:

        Very exciting! Thank you 🙂

      2. Sifiso says:

        How much is the course

  3. Mary in AZ says:

    I signed up today for the course and started watching the videos. If anyone out there is sitting on the fence, jump off and sign up quick! You won’t be sorry. Jenny is an excellent instructor. She has a strong presence on video and gets to the point. The videos are well organized in segments that you can go back and review without watching all of them. Well worth the money. I’m sorry I did not have enough funds a few months ago to register for the Harrison shirt.

  4. Lynsey says:

    Hi there, it’s saying the coupon for the 15% discount has expired but from the information above and in the email yesterday it shouldn’t run out till tonight?

    1. Lynsey says:

      Thanks Jenny for sorting out the problem 😉

  5. Cik sue says:

    Hai…im from malaysia..i want to join fitting for curves online workshop..how must i do.im serius want to join.thanks

    1. Click on the links above and it will take you to register for the workshop.

      1. Surtima Yusof says:

        Ok thanks alot..i will

        1. Surtima Yusof says:

          i already klik and create a acc paypal.But something have a problem in process transfer money from may acc protocol.Give me a time i soft that problem ..well thanks i came after my problem is satle.

  6. Janis Bowman says:

    I just came upon this website and saw that the workshop is over. Is there another coming up? Can one still get the videos and ebook? I really need the info as I have a very full bust and am constantly having trouble getting my tops to fit well.

    1. The workshops not over – it’s always open for registration! (The coupon code is expired, though)

  7. Beth Piper says:

    Is this class still available and if so how do I sign up?

    1. Yes, it’s an online workshop, and you can click any of the links in the blog post.

  8. Barbra Ann says:

    Oh this is super exciting. I am curvy and I have the hardest time finding pants that fit me right. In addition to being curvy I’m also sway back and a little bit knock kneed and have a muffin top… Wow!

  9. Barbra Ann says:

    Actually I’m more interested in how to make pants that fit. Is your tutorial or video only for blouses is there one for pants?

  10. Jeanne St. Clergy says:

    Just found your site. Is this video available now? So excited to learn how to fit my clothing better.
    Jeanne USA

    1. Yes, if you click any of the links in the blog post it will take you there.

  11. My daughters both have a large cup size, but are size 10 everywhere else. Will this course help me adjust patterns to fit them?

    1. Yes! The lessons work for curvy bodies of any size.

      1. Kathleen Ann Coulter says:


Let me know what you think!