August 22, 2017

Curvy Sewing Education Week: Learn how to fix a gaping neckline

Hi everyone! First up today, I’m sharing a video from our Fitting for Curves online workshop – remember you can get 25% off the full workshop if you enroll by 31 August using code EDUCATIONWEEK!

Gaping necklines are a pretty common problem, and often one that’s hard to anticipate before you have a muslin. Sometimes, it just indicates that the garment is too big for you – check to see if the shoulders are falling off your shoulders, or the whole thing seems baggy, in which case you should start by going down a size.

However, sometimes, even if the rest of a garment fits, the neckline doesn’t. That can happen for a number of reasons: for instance, you might have a lower bust than the pattern is designed for, or the angle of your shoulder to bust is slightly different. But not to worry: fixing a gaping neckline is actually pretty easy. In this video from the Fitting for Curves online workshop I show you how to diagnose a gaping neckline, how to fix it, and what it will look like after the alteration.

I hope you found that helpful! Do you have any other questions about fixing a gaping neckline?


11 thoughts on “Curvy Sewing Education Week: Learn how to fix a gaping neckline

  1. Debbie Cook says:

    Good video Jenny. And fun to hear your cute accent! (I know … YOU don’t think you have an accent!)

  2. Saara says:

    Thank you for this video, it is very useful!

  3. Dara Harper says:

    Thank You “SEW” Much!😃

  4. Val Clements says:

    Very clear instructions for gaping neckline. I always have this problem with RTW. Thank you so much.

  5. Claudia says:

    Thank you so much for the mini tutorial. Now I can fix all my patterns the right way. I would just make a center seam down the whole front to fix the gapping in my tops and pull over dresses.

  6. Michelle says:

    Thank you!

    Is the navy dress you’re wearing in the blog title one of yours? I see it has bust and waist/skirt darts but I can’t pick the pattern 😊

  7. Sue Brown says:

    Thanks for that Jenny, that was very helpful. I’m making your Springfield top and I was going to cut a wedge out the centre back yoke and realised if I did that the pattern on my fabric wouldn’t have been straight when I sewed it up. One quick video and all has become clear. My other halves suggestion to the problem was to grow a hunch. He on the other hand is not very helpful !!!

  8. Diana says:

    thank you so much for your advice, I’m going to try this next time

  9. Leann says:

    A HA! This is wonderful, I have one question …. is it ok to let the bust dart stay larger? It wont affect the fit?

  10. Kim Bee says:

    I just made for the first time the concord t-shirt but I ended up with a huge gap behind my neck of almost 15cms. (First time ever that my breast was not the issue!!!) I am uncertain if next time i make it i need a smaller size for the back piece or how to adjust the pattern. I used a size 18 G cup for the front and a size 18 at the back. Thank you in advance!!!

Let me know what you think!