February 25, 2014

We bring you a break in our regularly scheduled programming….

Where’s all the snow gone?!

Fear not, Boston hasn’t suddenly become tropical (if only). No, five work snow days into 2014 and we’re fully braced for more. I, however, escaped for a long weekend to much warmer climes, and as such, had the opportunity to finally try out some recently made summer clothes.

First up, a maxi skirt that I made using material I bought in Bali in ooooh about 2006. Yep, that’s right, before I started sewing. I must have been clairvoyant… It’s some kind of floaty cotton, in blue, red, yellow and white.

I made a very simple self-drafted gathered skirt, with a straight waistband and an invisible zipper in the back. I also used the selvedges to make hemming and finishing the waistband easy – result! There was a brief dalliance with a similarly gathered underskirt, but medieval wench is not my normal look, so that got ripped out pronto. Just have to remember not to stand directly in front of any strong light sources (aka maybe not work appropriate).

I suffered the Mexican heat, dear readers, just for you, so that you could see how well it coordinates with my new Boden yellow cardi, for evening-breeze situations.

I love maxi skirts and now that Tasia’s come out with a new A-line version I can’t wait to try it out! Now, if only the Boston weather would co-operate….

11 thoughts on “We bring you a break in our regularly scheduled programming….

  1. sew rachel! says:

    Love it with the yellow wrap, too!!!! I love maxiskirts for summer… If we ever get it again!!!!!!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Rachel! Let’s all start doing a sun dance and try to tempt summer here sooner…

  2. Sewingfoo says:

    Soooo cute and you look great in it! Love the fit and the yellow cardi, too!

  3. Gail says:

    Loooove it! So breezy and summery!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Gail! We had a strategic breeze during the photoshoot which was a help 🙂

  4. So lovely! It’s the perfect skirt for a tropical vacation…or horrid summer heat. That fabric is gorgeous. I’ve never even tried on a maxi-skirt, for fear of how one would look on me, but you’re making me consider it. Perhaps that new Sewaholic pattern *will* be needed by me, after all…

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks! Yeah I was unsure about maxis before, and I think they do rather accentuate the old chest (which I’m usually trying to de-centuate), but there’s something marvelous about swishing around surrounded in yards of fabric. I’m also 5’6” which isn’t too bad heightwise.. that said, Tasia at Sewaholic is tiny and it looks good on her too!

  5. What a cute skirt! So jealous that you got out of the cold and snowy NorthEast. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Carolyn! I had a lovely time – down in Playa del Carmen in a hotel nestled in a mangrove forest… No more warm climates for me until May though.. hope you’re keeping warm!

  6. Mexico!?! You lucky duck. This skirt is just perfect for a tropical getaway. I’ve got my eye on the Gabriola skirt. I think maxies are going to be a thing this summer.

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