August 29, 2016

Summer in silk: Springfield Top & M6931 maxi skirt

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but this summer in Boston has been brutally hot. One day my car got to 38.5 degrees celsius…. oof! And when it’s that warm, I just want to wear flowy silk and maxi skirts, so naturally, I had to whip up a new summer outfit.

The first part of it is a version of my new pattern, the Springfield Top, that I made during its development. I used black crepe de chine (so luxe!) and constructed it with French seams throughout so it feels totally lovely to wear.

Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

Though it’s not ideal, I decided to offer this top to the washing machine gods and see what would happen… and it’s fine. Not quite as shiny as it would be, but now I’ll actually wear it on the reg rather than side-eyeing it my laundry basket while I decide that yet again I’m not going to do any hand washing.  I can already tell this top is going to be a summer workhorse…

Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

Now on to the drama! This is the maxi version of McCall’s M6931, made using an amazing silk crepe de chine that I bought in Mood many moons ago (with a separate silk knee-length lining). I’ve made this pattern before with great results – orange silk twill, flamingos!, clouds! – but this was my first time using the maxi version.

The black border around the bottom (made from the same crepe de chine as the Springfield) was a serendipitous accident caused by me not following the cutting layout for the skirt (naughty girl!) and suddenly having a chunk missing at the front of one of the skirt panels. So, I lopped the bottom 8 inches off the whole thing and added on the border. As it happens, I think it looks much better like this – somehow my most stylish garments always come from an accident of some type…

Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

The pattern uses a combo of pleats and gathering caused by the elastic waist to give fullness. I do have a few reservations about the lined maxi version though: there’s just a bit too much bulk around the waist/hips than I’d like. Before the elastic is put in, the skirt is about 5 feet wide! It looks OK in these photos, but I feel like I have a bunch of extra fabric wadded around my waist, which is the last thing I need (my waist disappears at the smallest provocation).

So, I think I’m going to be unpicking this skirt (and French seams! sigh), bringing it in by about 12 inches, and I’m going to strip the lining out too – it’s just too much bulk around the waistband (which ends up being 4 layers of fabric and elastic). Instead, I’ll just wear it with a slip to counteract the sheerness.
Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

The long variation includes two knee-high slits at the front which I like – it looks awesome when you’re walking in a bit of a breeze!

Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

All in all, I love this new outfit – it’s so cool and comfortable to wear, but makes me feel like a pretty glam summer lady!

Springfield Top & M6931 skirt

What are your go-to fabrics and patterns when it’s super hot outside? Do you have any plans for silky Springfields?

6 thoughts on “Summer in silk: Springfield Top & M6931 maxi skirt

  1. Lindsay says:

    Have you heard of Soak Wash? They make my handwashing not only bearable but bordering on enjoyable thanks to the yummy scents. My fav is Yuzu. The best part is that you don’t have to rinse after soaking. Just squeeze out and air dry. I also LOVE their Flatter spray for when I’m sewing. All of the benefits of starch but without the stiffness. And no, I don’t work for them or am getting paid to say all of this, I’m just a huge fan!

  2. PsychicKathleen says:

    Jenny you do look glamourous! I love your outfit and for sure it’s perfect for this hot summer we’ve had. I can imagine how much silk your skirt must have gobbled up reading about how much you’re now going to have to remove.

  3. Sue says:

    I’m loving all the Springfield’s in so many different guises all over the Internet. Will it become available as a printed pattern?

  4. It’s beautiful! I know what you mean about your waist disappearing at the slightest provocation, lol, I have this same problem! I have to avoid bulky waistbands there too. Happy unpicking! haha

  5. Mary in AZ says:

    WHOOPS! This pattern appears to be out of print! Anyone find similar substitutes?

  6. bcwestblog says:

    Hi You look beautiful in your flowing long dress. I was wondering if anyone there would be interested in designing a pattern for a button up classic cardigan with a traditional crew neck and button up. It would be nice if it were roomy too. Cashmerette Classic Cardigan has a nice ring to it -don’t you think?

Let me know what you think!