November 14, 2023

It’s here! Learn to sew clothes with my new book, “Sewing the Curve”

It’s finally here! My second book, Sewing the Curve: Learn How to Sew Clothes to Boost Your Wardrobe and Your Confidence comes out today!

I’m so excited that today is the day that “Sewing the Curve” launches into the wild! Thank you SO much to all of you for your pre-orders, it really means the world to me. And if you haven’t already pre-ordered, now you can buy a copy and have it sent directly to your door!

“Sewing the Curve” is the book I really wish had existed when I learned to sew: accessible, friendly, and written for people with curvy bodies like mine. It’s chock full of guidance suitable for even absolute beginners, and comes with 6 brand new Cashmerette patterns for you to develop and refine your sewing skills.

Even if you’re not a beginner, the patterns are really fab (if I do say so myself) and worth over $130, making the book a total bargain. I really hope you love the book as much as I loved writing it—and I can’t wait to see all the photos of you wearing your first me-made garments!

Why I wrote my second book, “Sewing the Curve”

When I learned to sew, I bought a popular sewing book, along with some fabric, tools, and a sewing machine. And then, discovered to my dismay, that none of the patterns came in my size, despite the fact I was a totally average clothes size. I ended up making a wrap skirt which would *sort of* fit, though it was definitely not trustworthy on a windy day, but eventually I had to learn how to adjust sewing patterns in order to actually make truly wearable garments. So I know all too well how disheartening it is to start learning to sew and not have patterns or instructions that actually include you, or to have to do tons of extra work to achieve the same result as someone smaller.

Although the overall state of the plus size sewing market has improved radically since I learned back in 2010, I realized there still wasn’t a “learn to sew” book out there for plus size people, which meant lots of people were still struggling: and thus, “Sewing the Curve” was born!

What is “Sewing the Curve” all about?

In “Sewing the Curve”, I teach you everything about you need to know about how to sew clothes from the very basics, like how to choose a sewing machine, how to understand sizing, where to find plus-size friendly patterns, and how to use printed and PDF patterns, through to the five core skills of sewing –  and then, how to actually sew your first garments. Highlights include:

  • 6 brand new Cashmerette patterns, including a woven swing dress and tunic, a really cool wrap skirt (finally, one I can fit into!), an awesome t-shirt, snazzy knit pants, a bust-friendly darted quilted jacket, and a gorgeous lined sheath dress. Even if you’re not a beginner, the book is a total bargain for the patterns alone, which are worth over $130!
  • Photographic step-by-step tutorials on all the key skills you need to learn when you’re sewing – read through, then refer back as you start your garments.
  • Tons of videos to accompany the tutorials, and full sewalongs of each pattern! Over on our website, the accompanying videos let me give you loads more tips and perspective on the instructions in the book, plus the occasional joke 😀
  • An encouraging, body neutral tone that will have you excited to sew. So many sewing books can weirdly make you feel bad about yourself, whether it’s direct or more subtle, like only using very small models, or never referring to anything above a size 12. Not here! This book is exclusively tailored for plus size sewists.
  • GORGEOUS MODELS THROUGHOUT. Including some familiar faces! I find there’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing garments on bodies like mine.

If you’re new to sewing clothes, I hope to have you join me on this incredible journey. Here’s to all the amazing clothes you’ll soon make!

Photos by Linda Campos

2 thoughts on “It’s here! Learn to sew clothes with my new book, “Sewing the Curve”

  1. Cheryl Gardner says:

    Could those of us who bought the Kindle version of Sewing the Curve please have the passcode for downloading the patterns?

    1. Ayelet says:

      There should be an update available on your Kindle, but if not, you can email us at with your proof of purchase and we’ll be happy to send you the link.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

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