December 27, 2021

A celebration and look back on Cashmerette in 2021

It’s a bit hard to believe that we have just finished yet another pandemic year (could 2022 please be the year that we’re not?!), but luckily for the Cashmerette team, and I hope many of you, sewing and the sewing community has provided some relief and light in the darker days. Let’s take a look back on our very busy Cashmerette year!

New Cashmerette Patterns of 2021

We kicked off the year with the Upton Dress & Skirt Mix and Match Expansion Pack – and woowee it was a huge launch! In fact, it was our most successful launch ever and is now our best-selling pattern, and it’s not hard to see why: over 350 combinations in one pattern, and so much goodness. And then, at the end of the year, we also launched it in size 0 – 16, so it’s now available in our full 0 – 32, cup sizes C – H range.

Then in April, another blockbuster pattern, the Auburn Blazer! Finally, a formal, speed-tailored blazer that actually fits big boobs. We had kits (long sold out), a great step-by-step sewalong, and have seen so many amazing versions cropping up online.

Following up in June, our on-trend, chic but totally wearable Roseclair Dress made its debut and it was our first brand-new launch in the full 0 – 32 size range! Our whole team got in on the fun, and we had tons of amazing versions sewn up by our Cashmerette pals.

The final new launch of the year was the Stanton Hoodie! Sure swooshy dresses and blazers are fun to sew and make, but sometimes you just want comfort. With its stylish details and curve-friendly fit, this one was a total winner for so many of you.

Cashmerette Size Expansions in 2021

This was our first year celebrating our full size range of 0 – 32, and we managed to get to expand a whole bunch of our existing patterns.

We expanded the Tobin Sweater, Ames Jeans, Ellis Skirt, Springfield Top, Lenox Shirtdress and Harrison Shirt up to a 32 (which means almost our whole range is up to 32 now – the remaining 5 patterns will be complete in 2022).

Ames Jeans & Montrose Top

And, we launched the Appleton Dress, Concord T-Shirt, Montrose Top, Upton Dress, and Upton Dress & Skirt Mix and Match Expansion Pack in our 0 – 16 range (on top of the Roseclair Dress and Stanton Hoodie which were launched in this size range too).

Appleton Dress

Books launched by Cashmerette in 2021

Ok this wasn’t the BIG book launch of the year, but let’s not forget that in June our ebook “How to expand sewing patterns into plus sizes” launched for sewing pattern designers. It’s all part of our ongoing mission to help the ENTIRE sewing community improve its inclusivity of plus size sewists.

But yes, the most exciting launch of the entire of 2021, was my very first published book, “Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves‘! It was an enormous task to write the very first body-positive guide to fitting curvy bodies, but I’m so glad that I decided to do it – and the feedback I’ve had has just been overwhelming and phenomenal. The pandemic didn’t foil me, despite having to relocate country during the writing, and the reprint being stuck on a container ship off the coast of LA for weeks, but I’m hoping if I write another one perhaps a smoother ride next time!

“Ahead of the Curve” comes with 5 amazing patterns: the Stanway T-Shirt, Magna Pants, Foxhill Dress, Honeybourne Dress and Kersoe Top, and it’s also been amazing seeing those pop up online as you work through the book and learn to fit!

Cashmerette Stanway T-Shirt
Corrie in the Stanway T-Shirt from Ahead of the Curve, and the Cashmerette Calder Pants
Cashmerette Foxhill Dress
Emily in the Foxhill Dress from Ahead of the Curve
Corrie in the Honeybourne Dress from Ahead of the Curve
Miranda in the Kersoe Top from Ahead of the Curve
Dibs in the Magna Pants from Ahead of the Curve

Phew! So it’s fair to say that despite relocations, team changes and a whole lot of working from home, the Cashmerette team managed to get quite a lot done this year. As always, we are so, so grateful for our amazing community and we have some SUPER (SUPPPPERRRRR!) exciting things coming for you in 2022. Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “A celebration and look back on Cashmerette in 2021

  1. Jane Hedge says:

    Jenny, I can’t tell you just how much I appreciate Cashmerette! After years of thinking I could never fit myself, my me-makes are now the first things I reach for in my closet. I’m working my way through Ahead of the Curve and ready to try those patterns in 2022. Many thanks to you and your team!

  2. Delpha Carleton says:

    I bought the book Ahead Of The Curve and was so impressed with the book that I ordered another one for a granddaughter. So looking forward to making the patterns that are in this book. I’m 72 and have always had to adjust all patterns but this book is a game changer.

  3. Carol Masiello says:

    I was taught to sew by my mom many years ago (and in a galaxy far, far away…like the 1960’s)! The idea that a pattern should fit MY curves and not the other way around was unheard of through my adult life. Over 60 years of frustration with conventional patterns making me look so foolish caused me to put away my machine and shout “never again ” to no one who cared. But I must thank the pandemic, it got me to revisit sewing again and what did I find? People who looked like me, dressed in clothes that were fun, functional and attractive. Thank you to Cashmerette for making me shout into the wind, “YES!”. Ahead of the Curve is what I needed to see my fitting issues and give me tools to make it work. It is nice to not be alone anymore. Thank you to all the hardworking people at Cashmerette, I look forward to the next journey.

    1. Cherie says:

      Carol, I could have written this – it describes my journey as well!. (I describe the time of my youth to my adult children as the “dark ages”)

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