June 1, 2018

Ipswich Swimsuit Inspiration and Color Blocking Ideas

The Ipswich Swimsuit has so many options for creativity and you can play with patters/colors you might not usually go for. Let your suit reflect your creativity!

First, let’s take a look at some ready-to-wear inspiration.


Mix patterns (floral & stripe is a classic) or different scales of geometric patterns. Or go for one wild pattern paired with simple black contrast to let the pattern shine.


Navy contrast is always a fun option to highlight a pattern. You can also try making solid bottoms and a printed top or use another print for your waistband piece.


Maybe not the most supportive, but these suits from Target show some really fun color blocking and pattern mixing options!

So, what combinations do you want to try? Here are some ideas of how you can color block your Ipswich Swimsuit.

A classic floral for the main fabric like this one from Blackbird Fabrics; black for the contrast, plus a waistband that pulls out an unexpected color from your print.

Or, reverse it and go for a sporty look with a printed waistband and solid coordinating colors for the main and contrast.

I love the look of an all-over print (like this floral) with contrast straps and piping for the bikini (inspired by this suit from Modcloth).

Have a super precious print (like this Liberty swim) or want the look of a bikini in a one piece? Try a solid top with color-blocked bottoms. (You’d only need 5/8 yd of the Liberty for this, 1/2 yd if you cut it on the crossgrain.)

Or, just go wild! This is the suit I’m currently working on for myself, and you’ll see it in my upcoming shelf bra tutorial. I love pattern mixing and am super excited for how it’s coming together. Jenny isn’t convinced yet, but I’m slowly winning her over!

What are your plans for your Ipswich Swimsuit? Make sure to share them on social media with #IpswichSwimsuit so we can all give you virtual high-fives!



3 thoughts on “Ipswich Swimsuit Inspiration and Color Blocking Ideas

  1. francescapia says:

    I’m thinking of getting this pattern to make it for my sister – but I have great difficulty in adjusting legs for her body. She is the opposite of me – a true apple, with slim, muscular legs. So shop bought knickers are always big in the leg elastic. I’ve tried to make her underwear to fit, but haven’t succeeded. Anyway, all this is leading up to : will you be going any adjustment posts? Because I don’t want to maker her yet another swimsuit with loose leg openings:)…

    1. We’re not planning on having a specific post on leg opening size, no. I’m not aware of a standard adjustment for that issue, but I think it’s mostly a case of measuring her legs at that point, and allowing for significant negative ease, before making an adjustment.

      1. francescapia says:

        Thanks Jenny! For some reason WordPress didn’t tell me you had replied.

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