January 15, 2018

Join the #CashmeretteActive challenge!

Update: the Cedar Workout Tank is now the Spruce Tank.

#CashmeretteActive challenge

To celebrate the launch of the Cashmerette Activewear collection, we’re launching the #CashmeretteActive Challenge! Read on to join in, and have the chance to win some great prizes.

I decided to design the Cashmerette Activewear collection because I was so disappointed by the activewear clothes and sewing patterns available for curvier women. I’m bigger than the largest size in trendy brands like Lululemon, and my RTW options left me with drab dark, “full coverage” options. Not good! And a lot of the activewear sewing patterns available – especially those with on-trend features – also stopped at a 16 or 18.

Curvy women deserve good activewear too.

Not just because all garments should be available to us, as a basic principle – and of course they should! But also because contrary to popular belief, we’re active people too, and we need clothes to wear when we’re moving our bodies!

I mentioned recently that following lots of diverse bodies on Instagram helped me re-frame my body image, and following plus size and curvy athletes has been great for me to reinforce that women of ALL sizes are incredible athletes. Will I ever be winning sports medals? Probably not. But you will certainly find me lifting weights, going to yoga, cycling and walking regularly – and I want to be comfortable and cute while I’m doing it.

The #CashmeretteActive challenge

So, to celebrate, we’re launching the #CashmeretteActive challenge. I want to see amazing photos of you moving your body in the Spruce Tank, Cedar Dolman Top and Belmont Pants, and having fun doing it! Here’s how it works:

  • Sew up any garment from our Cashmerette Activewear collection – or even make a whole outfit!
  • Take a photo of you doing your favourite type of exercise or movement – and the more fun or interesting the photo, the better! Do you lift heavy weights? Do tap dancing? Cycle every morning? Run after your toddlers in the park? Practice yoga? Perform on the silks at circus school? I want to see them all!
  • Submit your photos by:
    • Tagging it on Instagram using the hashtag #CashmeretteActive (and use the tags for the pieces you’ve made – #CedarTank, #CedarDolmanTop, #BelmontLeggings or #BelmontPants)
    • OR, email it to us, at hello@cashmerette.com
  • The deadline to participate is 12th February (11.59pm EST).


  • We’ll showcase your photos on the blog and our social media.
  • And, we will select three winners at random to win a $50 gift voucher to Cashmerette Patterns!

I am super excited to see what wonderful activities you get up to in your new Activewear for the #CashmeretteActive challenge!

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  1. carlalissa says:

    Love the idea!! I am so in!

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