July 20, 2015

Feature on the Crafty Planner Podcast!

I’m a massive fan of podcasts – I have a solid 20 in regular rotation (as in, listening to every single one that comes out), and I pretty much always have one on in the background when I’m sewing. So I was delighted when Sandi of Crafty Planner got in touch and  asked me to be a guest on her weekly podcast. I’ll admit, I was nervous! But Sandi was super friendly and luckily my lack-of-filter didn’t lead me to say anything too disastrous!

So, if you’re interested in 1. hearing my accent (agh, I hate the sound of my own voice!) 2. learning more about how the Curvy Sewing Collective was created 3. listening to me ramble about being plus size, curvy sewing, and sustainability in sewing, then check it out.

Listen to the podcast here.


14 thoughts on “Feature on the Crafty Planner Podcast!

  1. Abigail says:

    Congrats! I listened to the podcast and it was great–I love podcasts as well.

  2. hennasplace says:

    Hi, Jenny. I listened to the podcast and relatively new to reading your blog and Curvy Sewing Collective. I’m learning to sew my own clothes and wanted to thank you for your blog and having great resources to make it possible for me. Made the first step by taking classes at Mood Fabrics in NYC and working my first sewing project of a tote bag, but looking for my first garment project. I’m on my way. Thank you again.

    1. Nice to hear from you! That’s great that you’re just starting sewing – check out our Curvy Sewing Collective series on beginners which has lots of great advice on where to start with patterns!

      1. hennasplace says:

        Thanks, Jenny.

  3. jodiec says:

    You have a lovely voice. 🙂

    I really enjoyed hearing you! You should have your own podcast!! Love your blog and Instagram. Thanks for always inspiring me to sew more and better.

    1. Thanks! Ha, I’m sure I’d enjoy doing a podcast but I’m not sure what it would be *about*. any ideas?

      1. jodiec says:

        sewing is an obvious main topic, but I love seeing your travel pics so travel would be a fun topic. In the sewing realm, i think pattern discussion could be a huge topic, personal style advice, color and fabric choice tips, technique specific tips (might be hard without visuals), maintaining a homemade wardrobe (alterations and repairs). I just left the podcast feeling really good about my body image and of course that is SUCH a great topic. you really have a very great attitude about it all and it shows.

  4. Jenny, I would love to know your recommended podcasts.

    1. Hi Julianne, oh, I have so many! Right now I”m listening to (among others): Strangers, Invisibilia, Women’s Hour (BBC radio 4), Dear Sugar, Longform, Mystery Show, StartUp and While She Naps.

      1. jodiec says:

        could you believe that last Strangers about the teacher!? I was floored.

  5. Sandi says:

    Thank you for being on the podcast! I loved chatting with you. 🙂

  6. MJ says:

    Loved listening to your podcast! Your voice is lovely (why did I think you would have a Scottish accent?). You did great and you sounded very professional (and posh, ha ha)!

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