July 13, 2012

A photogenic crafternoon

For this month’s crafternoon we had a bit of a new twist: Kate, of Kate McElwee Photography fame, generously offered to share her “craft” with us, so as a result all we lady crafters now have amazing headshots! Don’t we scrub up well?

That’s not to say no other crafting went on though: some embroidered cards were made, a polka-dot wrap dress was nearly finished, and some Chinese gemstones were sorted. But mostly, it was pink-lemonade champagne cocktails, food, photography and gossip.

Anna’s embroidered handiwork:

Courtney’s outfit-matching cupcake card:

Melissa indulging in a little bit of baby-shower embroidery:

Anna doing some photo editing:

Earnest crafting will return at the next crafternoon which will also be held at the new abode of Jenny-and-Melissa!

Let me know what you think!