June 9, 2017

Lenox Shirtdress Sewalong Day 9: Sleeve Bands

Today is the second to last day of our Lenox Shirtdress sewalong! We can’t wait to see all your finished dresses! Today, we’ll be assembling and attaching our sleeve bands.

Start by sewing each sleeve band into a loop along the short edge, right sides together. Press the seam allowance open and press up one edge of the loop by 1/2″ to the wrong side of the band.

Pin the raw edge of the sleeve band to the sleeve opening on the dress with the right side of the sleeve band against the wrong side of the sleeve. Line up the seam on the sleeve band with the seam on the underarm of the sleeve. Sew the band to the sleeve.

Press the band and the seam allowance down away from the sleeve.

Fold the band back on itself, wrong sides together, until the folded edge of the band just covers the seam where the band attaches to the sleeve. Press and then pin in place or use wonder tape.

Topstitch along the edge of the sleeve band and repeat with the second sleeve.

That’s it for today! Tomorrow, we’ll finish up our dresses with a hem, button holes, and buttons. Great work everyone!

Let me know what you think!