November 26, 2013

Boy Stuff update: Boxers!

It’s a miracle! I just found some photos of a long-forgotten project, but I thought they might amuse you, dear readers, so here you go.

What does a little brother need when he’s just finished cycling down the West Coast in 6 weeks? Why, cycling sign boxer shorts, that’s what. Simplicity 9958A, to be precise, with cotton from the ever-fun Gather Here.

Et voila:

Aren’t they fun? And quick to whip up, too.

I did run into a few problems when I managed to accidentally cut one piece the wrong way up from my very limited yardage… But luckily it’s such a busy pattern I managed to do some patching without it being too obvious (hopefully).

And just for the sewists out there, here’s a peek on the inside – yep, there’s a functioning fly; yep, I had to do it 3 times; yep, there’s also a weird seam that shouldn’t be there (see the above cutting problem).

All in all, a fun way to use crazy quilting cotton and make something nice for the chaps in your life. And if you don’t cut the wrong bits like me, probably 2 hours max! Lovely.

Let me know what you think!