Cashmerette Pattern Hack Tutorials

A one-stop shop for all your Cashmerette pattern hacking tutorials, right here!

Around here, we’re kind of obsessed with pattern hacking. That’s partly because we love to get creative and put our unique touches on patterns we already own. But it’s also a bit out of necessity: it’s easier to adjust the style lines of a pattern that you know fits well, rather than try to make an ill-fitting pattern whose style lines you like work for you. The first rule to pattern hacking is to start with a base pattern that fits you well—after that, there are no rules and you can go nuts with hacking!

We’ve done quite a few pattern hacks and tutorials over the years, so we’ve aggregated them here on one page (and it’s bursting to the seams with inspiration). Find the pattern you’d like to hack and click the links below it to get started.

And if you want a little more help getting going with pattern hacking, check out our Pattern Hacking for Curves online workshop where Jenny shows you how to make 10 different tops with a single pattern. (Includes a coupon for 30% off any Cashmerette pattern.)

“Ahead of the Curve” (get the book here)


Appleton Dress (get the pattern here)

Cashmerette Appleton Top

Harrison Shirtdress (get the pattern here)

Holyoke Dress (get the pattern here)

Roseclair Dress (get the pattern here)

Turner Dress (get the pattern here)

Turner Dress with pockets

Upton Dress (get the pattern here)

Upton Skirt Hack

Washington Dress (get the pattern here)

Webster Dress (get the pattern here)


Concord T-Shirt (get the pattern here)

Fuller Cardigan (get the pattern here)

Springfield Top (get the pattern here)

Tobin Sweater (get the pattern here)


Ames Jeans (get the pattern here)

Calder Pants & Shorts (get the pattern here)

Other Patterns

Chilton Trench Coat (get the pattern here)

Ipswich Swimsuit (get the pattern here)