July 5, 2024

Jenny’s Loring Dress takes a trip to Florence

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Cashmerette blog recently (and, really, WHO doesn’t, eh?!), you’ll know I was in Florence this Spring. I had the chance to fabric shop (and write a guide!), and have one of the most unique experiences of my life visiting Antico Setificio Fiorentino, a silk mill using machines from the Renaissance. But I was doing something else too – swooshing around in the brand new Cashmerette Club pattern, the Loring Dress!

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

And dare I say, I looked pretty fab.

The Loring Dress is very much a “how ruffly will you go?” situation, with options for neckline ruffles, sleeve ruffles and a skirt ruffle – and I decided for my Florentine outing I’d go 33.3% ruffle, that is, skirt ruffle only. I used this amazing linen and rayon woven print that I found from Mood Fabrics, after spotting a jumpsuit made with it on Instagram.

I was attracted to the geometric print and colours (I really should wear green more often), but then was delighted by the substrate itself: 100% linen can be a little tricky to wear (not to mention the creasing factor), but when it’s blended with rayon it makes it beautifully flowy, slightly more silky to the touch, and reduces the wrinkles. Excellent stuff!

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

Naturally, I then needed to make my own fabulous drawstring and tassels. I went to a local store near me and found twisted cording, presumably meant for upholstery, which was a great match. Then for the tassels I used two different colours of embroidery floss to blend and create a co-ordinating look. If you want to make your own tassels for your Loring, we have you covered! It’s explained in detail in the instructions, and it’s such a fun way to get creative.

During the making of my Loring I realized a slight potential issue with the pattern, though. As it’s designed, with the tassels, you wouldn’t be able to remove the drawstring and tassels for washing the dress because they’re too big to get through the drawstring channel. Which is a problem if you’re using materials like mine that weren’t designed to be washed! However, where there’s a problem, the Cashmerette team will find a solution – and we did, by creating a clever way to make the back of the drawstring detachable, so you can remove it from both ends when you wash the dress. I tested it, and it works!

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

Now I know what you’re thinking: tell us more about the inside back of the drawstring!


Well, bear with me because it’s my secret fave thing about the Loring. Because while drawstrings are theoretically very adaptable to fluctuations in your waist size, whether that’s during the day, or just sitting down, in reality they’re a bit of a pain because you constantly have to untie and re-tie them. My brain wave? A section of elastic in the back of the drawstring! Yep, this drawstring actually moves with your body and stretches when you sit down, so once you’ve created the perfect drawstring knot you don’t have to keep re-doing it. You’re welcome.

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

The other thing I love about this dress is just how *me* it is – and that I could never in a million years find it in a store. The neckline is *mwah* perfection, it fits my bust with no pulling, the armscyes don’t gape, it’s just the right length and I love the little ruffly bottom. That, plus in a fabric I love – it’s a winning combo.

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

So, what do you think? Will you be trying the Loring Dress? If you sign up for the Cashmerette Club in July 2024 you can get it from just $9 (at our Base monthly level), but if it’s already past that date, no fear! Our most popular membership level, All Access, gives you unlimited access to ALL our past patterns – not to mention a whole library of fitting masterclasses, live events, discounts and more. Head over to the Cashmerette Club page to learn more.

Cashmerette Loring Dress in Florence

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  1. Dagmar Perez says:

    You look absolutely lovely,
    and the dress fits you like a dream! Good job!

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