June 14, 2024

Your Club Makes: 6 Wonderful Wickhams

If you love a good multi-purpose pattern and hidden shorts for total summer comfort, then the Wickham Shorts & Skirt is about to be your new best friend. Follow along with 6 makers to see how they made up their Wickhams.

In a recent poll our Cashmerette Club community resoundingly voted for a skort and we happily obliged. But the ever-versatile Wickham Shorts & Skirt isn’t just a skort – a skirt with attached shorts – you can also mix and match the pieces to create a skirt or shorts with totally different styles, coverage levels and pocket options.

Depending on the fabric you use, you could make:

  • Anti-chafe chub-rub shorts perfect for those hot days
  • Cycling shorts for your athletic pursuits, with handy side pockets
  • “Fashion” cycling shorts… that’s a thing. Honestly. Google it! It’s a thing.

This month’s Cashmerette Club pattern is the sporty and versatile skort with skirts and shorts options that will take you from the tennis courts to your bike seat to…anything else you do in athletic shorts minus the chafing. The Wickham comes in sizes 0-32 and is available exclusively to Cashmerette Club members. Not a member yet? Join today for as little as $9 (cancel anytime).

The Wickham is a totally beginner-friendly pattern, and a great one for starting to sew with knits. Once you’ve figured out how to use the zig-zag stitch on your machine, you’ll be well underway, and to help you even more, we have a fantastic video sewalong from Mari of Sew Happy.

Now, let’s look at how our six makers put their own spin on the Wickham!

Alison’s Wickham Skirt

Allison whipped up a sophisticated and scrap busting Wickham Skirt in a black medium weight Ponte from her stash. Once she realized that the fabric was likely a little heavier than what the pattern calls for, she decided to go up a size in the waist. She made a great call on that because the fit is perfect!

She made her Wickham in a size 20 at the waist graded to a 22 at the bottom of the yoke. The lower skirt is a straight 22 and she also lengthened the skirt by 2 inches. Perfectly personalized and ready to pair with a pretty patterned cropped top.

Her measurements are 41” high bust, 45” full bust, 40” waist, and 51” hips (104 cm high bust, 114 full bust, 101 cm waist, 129 cm hips).

Here’s what Allison shared with us about her Wickham:

“The Wickham Skirt is a very quick and satisfying make. I was surprised when I realized there is an elastic in the yoke. I really liked how it was attached to the seam allowance and didn’t require a casing! The Wickham Skirt is very comfortable and is perfect to wear with cropped tops!”

Follow along with more of Allison’s makes on Instagram at @honeycreweller.

Gowri’s Wickham Shorts

With or without pockets, Gowri’s sporty Wickham Shorts are what athleisure dreams are made of! Sewn in a vibrant pink athletic fabric in a size 10, Gowri is sure to be comfy, sporty, and non-chafed which is an excellent combination in our book.

Her measurements are 35.5” high bust, 37” full bust, 32” waist, and 35.5” hips (90 cm high bust, 93 full bust, 81 cm waist, 90 cm hips).

Follow along with more of Gowri’s makes on Instagram at @byparry.

Byrd’s Wickham Shorts & Skirt

Byrd is sizzling on the pickleball court sporting her Wickham Shorts & Skirt! She chose an eye-catching 4-way stretch poly double brushed DTY for both the skirt and the shorts in a brilliant yellow and green combo. Cut in a size 20 at the waist and an 18 at the hips, she found this to be a super simple sew and can’t wait to add more Wickhams to her sporty wardrobe, next time with pockets!

Her measurements are 39” waist, and 46” hips (99 cm waist, 116 cm hips).

Here’s what Byrd had to say about her Wickham:

“This is a super easy beginner-friendly pattern and I LOVE IT!! If time permits, I will be making tons more and I plan to add pockets to the skirt.”

Follow along with more of Byrd’s makes on Instagram at @yogabyrdsews and on her YouTube channel.

Julia’s Wickham Shorts

Athletic short color blocking? Yes, please. We’re swooning over Julia’s spandex and mesh vibey Wickham Shorts. Sewn in a size 22 with no adjustments, she chose a combination of a black athletic knit, black power mesh for the pockets, and wax print swim spandex.

Her measurements are 42” high bust, 48” full bust, 43” waist, and 53” hips (106 cm high bust, 121 full bust, 109 cm waist, 134 cm hips).

Julia shared this about her Wickham:

“These shorts were fast and easy to make! I love having the opportunity to play with different fabrics and color blocking without having to hack the pattern pieces!”

Follow along with more of Julia’s makes on Instagram at @glamagrrl.

Sierra’s Wickham

From dazzling red to shiny lime green, one thing is certain, Sierra is simply glowing in both of her Wickhams! She loved the pattern so much that she decided to make shorts and a skort, both. She chose a lime green shiny nylon spandex for her skort and a red shiny nylon spandex for her shorts.

She sewed both of her Wickhams in a size 16 using a regular sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. She admits that not only was this pattern a breeze for her to sew, but both the shorts and the skorts left her thighs feeling similarly breezy and secure which is absolutely music to our ears. She loves the length of both garments, and can’t wait to dress up the skort with a cute top and heels for a night out.

Her measurements are 41” high bust, 43” full bust, 36” waist, and 44” hips (104 cm high bust, 109 full bust, 91 cm waist, 111 cm hips).

Here’s what Sierra shared with us about her Wickham:

“Honestly, sewing this pattern was a breeze. The gridded design on the pdf pattern makes taping so much more user-friendly and accurate. I used a regular sewing machine with a zip zag stitch, and had no problems at all. If I had one bit of advice for sewists tackling this project, I would say, always remember to keep equal tension on both sides of your fabric as you stitch (especially attaching elastic). I had the gusset stretch a little funny on my first version (red shorts), but I think that was down to cutting the pattern piece without being careful about stretch. The green shorts fit so perfectly, I was almost hesitant to cover them with a skirt!

I haven’t worn a skort since I was little, but I immediately wanted to make a whole suite for my next trip to Disneyland. I have very chummy, and chaffy thighs, and these made me feel both breezy and secure. I feel like I can style the skort to look like athleisure or dress it up with heels for a night out. I’m 5’1” and the length for both the shorts and skort were ideal. I can’t wait to be able to say, “Thanks, I made them” at the gym!”

Follow along with more of Sierra’s makes on Instagram at @sew_very_sierra.

Kelsy’s Wickham Shorts & Skirt

And look, it’s got pockets! Kelsy is sporty and sophisticated in her sleek black Wickham Shorts & Skirt and the pockets skyrocketed it to next level status. She sewed version A in a size 18 with shortened shorts and waistband and chose a 4-way performance stretch material. Simple to make and comfortable to wear, she plans on sewing more Wickhams, but next time as a workout dress.

Her measurements are 42” high bust, 44” full bust, 40” waist, and 46” hips (106 cm high bust, 111 full bust, 101 cm waist, 116 cm hips).

Kelsy had this to say about her Wickham:

“I feel so proud wearing this skirt! The pockets! I usually purchase workout clothes because it feels easier, but this pattern was so simple to make. I’m going to make it again as perhaps a workout dress! I also plan to shorten the waistband pattern piece by around half, as I have a short torso.”

Follow along with more of Kelsy’s makes on Instagram at @thats_sew_kelsy.

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