October 23, 2023

Comparing “Sewing the Curve” and “Ahead of the Curve”: what’s the difference?

What’s the difference between my two books, “Sewing the Curve” and “Ahead of the Curve?” I’m here to make it very clear!

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As you may have heard, my new book, “Sewing the Curve: Learn How to Sew Clothes to Boost your Wardrobe and your Confidence” is available now. And naturally, you may be wondering how it’s different to my first book, “Ahead of the Curve: Learn How to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves”.

Sewing the Curve vs. Ahead of the Curve

The fundamental difference between “Sewing the Curve” (STC) and “Ahead of the Curve” (AOTC), is that STC is all about learning how to sew, and AOTC is all about learning how to fit.

STC is aimed at plus-sized people who either don’t know how to sew at all yet, or have tried but are still at the beginner stage. That’s not to say there isn’t anything appealing for non-beginners—read on for more on that!—but the audience it’s been written for is definitely beginner sewists. The focus is primarily on how you sew garments, with a little bit on sizing and fitting, but only a minimal amount.

AOTC is aimed at plus-sized people who already know how to sew, but don’t know how to alter sewing patterns to fit, or aren’t yet feeling confident at that skill. It won’t teach you how to use a sewing machine or sew a dart, but it will teach you how to diagnose fit issues, and then make alterations to the pattern pieces so that it then fits you.

If you’re a beginner and need to learn how to sew – then STC is for you!

If you know how to sew, and you want to learn how to fit – then AOTC is for you!

All About “Sewing the Curve”

So what can you expect from my new book? There’s tons of great reasons to purchase—including some even if you’re not a beginner 😉

  • It’s a comprehensive guide to learning to sew, from choosing the right sewing machine and tools, how to understand sewing patterns and instructions, how to thread and use your machine, and then lots of specific skill building, from sewing seams, to finishing edges and hemming. Even if you’ve never so much as been in the same room as a sewing machine before, I’ll get you sewing garments in no time.
  • There are video sewalongs available for free to accompany every step of the book—from the skills through to the patterns. If you’re a visual learner or want more of the “why” along with the “how” when you’re learning, these videos will be a big help!
  • There are SIX brand new patterns included! They are in size 12-32 (UK 16-36) and cup sizes C-H, and they’re available printed (in the back of the paper book) and also as digital PDFs (in print-at-home and A0 copyshop files). Even if you’re not  a beginner these patterns are worth over $120 and make the book a veritable bargain.

Montvale Tunic & Dress

This gorgeous woven swing dress and tunic are the perfect first garment to sew, and ever so easy to wear! With bust darts and subtle shaping you’ll have a silhouette that’s easy to wear and looks fab on curves. Meet the Montvale »

Randolph Skirt

A wrap skirt with a difference! The chunky tie elevates this fantastic skirt, which works for all seasons, depending on what fabric you use. You’ll also learn to sew your first button and buttonhole – and because they’re hidden there’s no need to worry even if your first attempt isn’t a thing of beauty (yet!) 🙂 Meet the Randolph »

Eustis T-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a great t-shirt pattern, and not only is this one designed for big boobs with our signature C – H cup sizing, but it also has the option of elevated sleeves with a slight puff and elasticated cuff. Meet the Eustis »

Ardley Pants

Think sewing pants is impossible? Think again! These comfy knit pants are a simple sewing project, with an ultra-sleek version great for pajama pants, as well as the option of slash pockets and a drawstring. Learn how to sew an elasticated waistband and you’ll be comfortable forever! Meet the Ardley »

Fairfax Jacket

Finally! A quilted jacket that works for big boobs. Whether you use pre-quilted fabric or want to make your own, I take you through how to make this sophisticated topper with two length options, cute patch pockets and infinite potential for creativity. Meet the Fairfax »

Elmley Dress

The sheath dress is timeless for a reason, and now there’s one from Cashmerette. Fully lined with 6 darts for ultimate shaping, this is a fantastic final project in your sewing journey, that will have you feeling accomplished and looking gorgeous. Meet the Elmley »

All About “Ahead of the Curve”

Not experienced the wonder that is AOTC yet? Well let me tell you why it’s worth a look and has over 650 five star ratings on Amazon!

  • AOTC is a body-positive guide to changing sewing patterns to fit your unique body—learn how to change clothes to fit your body, rather than changing your body to fit clothes. You’ll find no body shaming here, but rather an empowering and encouraging tone to help you fit and sew with confidence.
  • Unlike many fitting books, there are clear “before and after” photos on plus-size models in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you diagnose fit issues and know what a great fit looks like on a body like yours.
  • Then, I take you through all the key sewing pattern adjustments you need to know to achieve a fantastic fit. From different types of full bust adjustment to alterations for tummies, bums, calves and more, it has it all.
  • To help you learn and practice the fit skills, AOTC also comes with 5 Cashmerette patterns, in sizes 12-32 (UK 16 – 36) and cup sizes from C-H

Kersoe Top

This V-neck shell is a wardrobe workhorse, with beautiful bust shaping and a half lining to give you a wonderful clean finish around the neck and armholes. Meet the Kersoe »

Stanway T-Shirt

Raglan t-shirts can famously be difficult to fit for the busty, but we cracked it! Create a wardrobe of tees (color-blocking, maybe?!) with the Stanway. Meet the Stanway »

Magna Pants

These simple, wearable woven pants have an elasticated back waistband and side zip, and are the perfect base for you to practice your pants fitting skills. Meet the Magna »

Honeybourne Dress

A classic silhouette, the Honeybourne has a fitted bodice and gathered skirt, and looks fab in a variety of light to midweight woven fabrics. Meet the Honeybourne »

Foxhill Dress

Love princess seams? We have you covered! The Foxhill Dress is a v-neck princess-seamed dress designed for heavier knits like ponte and scuba. Meet the Foxhill »

I hope that answers some of your questions about my two books, but if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below!

7 thoughts on “Comparing “Sewing the Curve” and “Ahead of the Curve”: what’s the difference?

  1. Brenda says:

    Jenni, thank -you for this blog. It answered my questions. Hope you came thru your surgery well.

  2. Addie says:

    I’ve been sewing clothes for 60 years and I learned a lot from both books! AOTC taught me how to fit to my curves and I refer to it regularly. STC was a great refresher and reminder of some basics but I also learned a few new tricks. The patterns included with both books are a huge bonus and one could sew an entire wardrobe with those!

  3. Cheryl Huff says:

    I used to make all my clothes (back when it wasn’t cool but we were poor) but I can’t seem to get back to that. I’m less than 5’, bigger on the bottom than the top (wherever my “top” has dropped to) and now I also have a belly. Thank you, menopause.
    I have your first book but I‘m stuck. I just feel like I can’t make anything that fits right or looks good on me. Any words of advice from anyone? I have some great fabric gathering dust!

    1. The key thing will be learning to grade between sizes, which is laid out in Ahead of the Curve – that way, a garment will fit you in your top and bottom half. In terms of dressing for your shape I also recommend checking out hashtags on Instagram to see garments made by people with a similar figure – it’s often really great for inspiration! So say you’re interested in the Upton Dress, click (or type) #uptondress and you’ll see hundreds of people wearing it.

  4. Deborah Kolkmaa a n says:

    I preordered Sewing The Curve and had ave not received it yet? I live in Southern California.

    1. Sewing the Curve is released on Nov 14!

  5. Elizabeth Ceperley says:

    Beginner here! Excited to get started with your new book. Would you say that I would be able to follow Ahead of the Curve once I go through STC?

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