May 9, 2023

Your Club Makes: 10 Delightful Hampdens

This month’s Cashmerette Club pattern is an easy, breezy sundress that has us dreaming about sunny summer outings! The Hampden Dress is a woven dress made for curves and comfort. Here’s how ten makers put their own creative spin on the Hampden to get your creative juices flowing!

The Hampden is a curve-friendly woven dress designed to be gape-free thanks to a clever faux button placket and a pullover design with a comfortable elastic back waistband. And to help you get even more out of your pattern collection, we’ve also designed the Hampden to mix and match with our popular Holyoke Maxi Dress & Skirt. So bring on summer!

The Hampden Dress comes in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H and is available exclusively to Cashmerette Club members. Not a member yet? Join today for as little as $9 USD—cancel anytime.

Let’s check out all the wonderful ways to personalize the Hampden Dress!

Elise’s Hampden

Elise’s Hampden is casual summer chic at its finest. With red gingham cotton and a fun yet structured fit, Elise already has more Hampdens planned out. She made a size 14 C/D and used the inseam pockets from the Holyoke instead of the patch pockets.

Her measurements are 39” high bust, 42” full bust, 33” waist, and 44” hips.

Elise had this to say about her Hampden Dress:

“This dress was fun to make! Sewing it in a stable cotton made everything go really smoothly and there were no buttonholes or zippers to contend with so the process was relatively easy and the result is so cute! I always sew buttons on by hand and that step probably took the longest. I have a red belt ordered to pair with this dress and I think it will be so great for casual summer outings. I’d like to try mixing and matching with the Holyoke bodice and this narrow skirt next.”

Check out what Elise is sewing over on Instagram at @fleurdelisedesign.

Sarah’s Hampden

A burgundy tencel twill delight is how we would describe Sarah’s Hampden. Featuring princess seams and tie-sleeves from the Upton Expansion Pack, this take on the Hampden is comfy and casual with a pop of elegance.

Sarah sewed a size 26 G/H graded to 30 for waist and hips. Her measurements are 51.5” high bust, 55” full bust, 49” waist, and 59” hips.

Sarah shared this about her Hampden Dress:

“Much like the Holyoke the dress comes together well with princess seams that fit together perfectly. I used the tie sleeves from the Upton Expansion Pack (by drawing the sleeve head onto the Upon sleeves, to reduce the amount of work needed to merge the two). The bust fit is perfection and the hem length is great.”

See more of what Sarah is sewing up on Instagram at @curvypatterndatabase and her website at

Samantha’s Hampden

Samantha’s neon leopard print rayon is fierce in all the right ways. But the best part? The fabulous scallop neckline!

With the most unique and personalized touches, Samantha’s Hampden is extraordinary and a wonderful reminder that you can make this and every Cashmerette pattern whatever you want it to be. She also loved the fact that you can put it on by simply popping it over your head no matter what your cup size. And don’t forget about the side seam pockets and swishy skirt!

Samantha sewed a size 20 G/H and chose the Hampden bodice and Holyoke skirt but cut to the Hampden skirt length. 

“I added a scallop neckline detail by cutting bias strips from my fabric and sewing these into 9mm roulea tubes. I cut these into 2″ lengths and using wash out glue, stuck them to paper in a curved interwoven design. I stitched through the paper to hold the tubes together then ripped them away and applied them to the neckline. See my blog for more details.”

Her measurements are 44” high bust, 47.5” full bust, 41” waist, and 47.5” hips.

Samantha shared this about her leopard print Hampden Dress:

“I really like the Hampden bodice with the Holyoke skirt as I prefer a fuller swishy skirt with side seam pockets! Also the fact that the front is sewn together and you can just pop it on over your head, even with a G cup bust, is genius!”

Check out more of Samantha’s fabulous makes on Instagram at @samanthapopecreations and on her website

Allison’s Hampden

Purple perfection! Allison chose a linen chambray in a pretty purple color making this Hampden simple, striking and summer ready. Allison particularly appreciated the fact that you can wear a bra, which as busty sewists, we can all appreciate. This light, bright, and versatile sundress is a lovely addition to any warm weather wardrobe.

She sewed a size 18 G/H and her measurements are 43” high bust, 48” full bust, 41” waist, and 48” hips.

Allison had this to say about her Hampden Dress:

“It is so lovely to be able to wear a sundress that fits my curves perfectly, still allows me to wear a bra but is also cool in the hot weather. Being able to mix and match with the Holyoke dress allows you to make many different styles of dress.”

Check out more of Allison’s makes on Instagram at @alli.sewn.

Anastacia’s Hampden

A mash-up of the most chic proportions, Anastacia’s floral Hampden is a maxi masterpiece. Sewn in a 14 E/F using a floral viscose linen, Anastacia mixed and matched the Hampden and the Holyoke to create a fabulous fitting and free flowing full-length sundress. This was her first handmade maxi and with the princess seam and the elasticated waistband, it sounds like it won’t be her last comfortable and curve-friendly Hampden.  

Her measurements are 39” high bust, 43” full bust, 36” waist, and 48” hips.

Anastacia shared this about her Hampden Dress:

“What a beautiful pattern!!! I made a mash up of Hampden and Holyoke in size 14 based on the finished measurement. I love the free flow of the Holyoke and the fit of the finished garment is incredible 🥰🥰🥰. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow, I had no issues at all. This is my first maxi handmade dress as I normally sew midi length… I love everything about the pattern from the princess seam (which makes it easy to fit) to the elasticated back waist (which cinches in the waist) to the amazing full length of Holyoke.”

See more of what Anastacia is sewing up on Instagram at @tjs_styles.

Kacy’s Hampden

With her love for the Holyoke running deep, Kacy’s mix and match Hampden is truly a dream come true. She chose a brightly patterned cotton sateen, paired the Hampden bodice with the maxi Holyoke skirt, and voila! her dazzlingly comfortable and bust-friendly maxi sundress was born. And it sounds like there will be plenty more where this came from. 

She sewed this version in a size 14 G/H with the Holyoke Skirt. Her measurements are 39” high bust, 47” full bust, 37” waist, and 48” hips.

Kacy shared this about her Hampden Dress:

“The Holyoke was my most loved and most worn dress, so having a sister pattern that I can mix and match it with that has sleeves is a dream come true. I paired my Hampden bodice with the maxi Holyoke skirt as I love a maxi dress with pockets.

I love the flattering princess seams in the back and front and the very clever elastic back waistband takes all of the hard work out of fitting my curves whilst also being extremely comfortable. I can see many more Hampden dresses in my future.”

Check out more of what Kacy is making over on Instagram at @krakenkacy.

Kelly’s Hampden

Polka dots, florals, and buttons – oh yes! Kelly’s Hampden is wonderfully personalized to perfection. She chose a floaty viscose challis that makes this version an absolute showstopper. With the elastic back waistband and the button placket, Kelly’s Hampden is not only gorgeous but comfortable and versatile as well. And no buttonholes!  

She sewed hers in a size 6 C/D with a 1″ SBA graded to an 8 waist. Her measurements are 33” high bust, 34.5” full bust, 28” waist, and 40” hips.

Here’s what Kelly had to say about her Hampden Dress:

“My favourite thing about the Hampden dress is the elastic back waistband. It gives the dress a gorgeous shape while being really comfortable. And its addition means that the button placket doesn’t need to be functional. I will always avoid a buttonhole if possible!”

Check out more of Kelly’s makes at @thingskellymade.

Emily’s Hampden

Emily was inspired to make two Hampdens, a classic version and a mix and match version with a Holyoke skirt, and we have to say that both of these variations are equally creative and stunning.

Her first Hampden was sewn in a pink lightweight linen giving it a classic and summery vibe. With pink pockets, fitted princess seams, and the fitted knee length skirt, this dress could easily serve as a layering piece at the office or the perfect outfit for a casual summer outing.

She sewed this version in a size 10 C/D with a 1″ SBA, graded to size 14 waist and size 10 hip. Her measurements are 35” high bust, 37” full bust, 33” waist, and 40” hips.

Emily shared this about her pink Hampden:

“I loved this pattern so much that I made two versions. The first version is “straight out of the box” Hampden dress. I made it in a lightweight coral pink linen. I love the pink pockets with the fitted princess seams and fitted knee length skirt. With this version, I chose to sew a faux button placket. It’s so comfortable to wear but I did find it a little squeezy putting the dress on with the faux placket but still very possible with the elasticised back waistband. This was my first attempt at a small bust adjustment which wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I just love how the dress fits. I’ve noticed that my fitting skills have improved so much with Cashmerette patterns and the sizing calculator. I used the recommended sizing to make a toile and then made a few little adjustments from there. This really cut down the time and effort it took to make the final adjustments. The rest of the make was straightforward.”

Emily loved her first Hampden so much that she made a second version of her Hampden dress in a rayon fabric complete with a Holyoke skirt. Soft, drapey, and with the functional button placket, not only is this version breezy and beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable.

She also sewed this version in a size 10 C/D with a 1″ SBA, graded to size 14 waist and size 10 hip. Her measurements are 35” high bust, 37” full bust, 33” waist, and 40” hips.

Emily had this to say about her rayon maxi Hampden:

“Since I had these adjustments and loved the first dress so much, I decided to make a second version with the full length maxi skirt of the Holyoke Dress. I used the exact same adjustments and the two patterns mixed and matched perfectly! This time, I made the button placket functional and ironically, with the softer, drapier rayon fabric, it pulls over my head and bust effortlessly. I probably should have considered the faux placket for this version and the functional placket for the sturdier linen fabric.”

Check out more of Emily’s makes on Instagram at @emsewhappy and her website

Shawnta’s Hampden

Pleasantly functional and patterned to perfection is how we would describe Shawnta’s Hampden and we simply can’t get enough. She chose a bright pink and blue Ankara cotton that takes this simple sundress to a whole new level. And while her favorite feature was the faux button placket, there’s nothing else faux about this stunning rendition of the Hampden.

Shawnta sewed hers in a size 12 G/H. Her measurements are 38” high bust, 42” full bust, 32” waist, and 44” hips.

Shawnta had this to say about her Hampden Dress:

“I was pleasantly surprised that this is a faux button-up dress that could be functional. It was a pleasure to sew.”

Follow along with more of Shawnta’s makes on Instagram at @divinerae.

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