March 20, 2023

8 Captivating Canton Moto Jackets

Say hello to the Canton Moto Jacket, the newest pattern to join the Cashmerette lineup! The Canton Moto Jacket is a curvy and plus size moto jacket sewing patterns in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H. Get inspired to sew your own with 8 Canton Moto Jackets from makers in our community.

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Finally, a classic moto jacket for big boobs! With ready-to-wear moto jackets, you’re forced to choose between squashing your bust, only wearing them open, or having them fit your bust but fall off your shoulders. But all of that changes with the Canton!

This timeless addition to your wardrobe also features princess seams, back fisheye darts, and two-piece sleeves with a full bicep option, and the classic biker-style details that make this a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

Here’s how seven Cashmerette makers took the Canton Moto Jacket and truly made it into their own masterpiece. We’re hoping that these will inspire your own personalized Canton Moto Jacket. Let’s take a look!

Christiana’s Canton Moto Jacket

Christiana went polished and professional with her wool herringbone Canton. She made a size 18 G/H graded to a size 20 at the waist. She chose View A and used the full bicep sleeve. In order to give it a more suit jacket vibe, she opted to skip the hardware.

Her measurements are 43” high bust, 48” full bust, 40” waist, and 49” hips.

Christiana had this to say about her Canton Moto Jacket:

“There are a lot of pieces to this pattern but it comes together beautifully. Really great construction. I love how well it fits! The lines are all very smooth. I plan to make a pair of matching herringbone trousers to make a modern suit out of the Canton!”

Check out more of Christiana’s makes on Instagram at @Christianaopus.

Bernice’s Canton Moto Jacket

Bernice is giving us cool and classic vibes with her Canton. She chose View A with a timeless black twill and we just can’t get enough! She sewed a size 6 C/D with a 1” small bust adjustment.

Her measurements are 33” high bust, 35” full bust, 30” waist, and 37” hips.


Bernice shared this about her Canton:

“I love the style lines and how all the pattern pieces fit together without issue. I like that there are instructions to reposition the pocket markings after shortening the bodice. My favorite part of sewing the Canton was finishing the facing and lining edges. It’s like magic when you turn it to the right side—what a clean finish without any hand sewing needed!”

See more of what Bernice is sewing up on Instagram at @sewbee73

Whitney and Ava’s Canton Moto Jackets

These mother/daughter Cantons are rev’ing our engines and giving us a pop of color and pizzazz! Whitney chose a red faux leather for her Canton and made her daughter’s Canton in a yellow leather hide. Their selections are bold and stylish and they’re giving us major biker chic vibes. 

Want to see Whitney sewing up these Cantons? Check out the Canton sewalong!

Whitney is wearing a size 10 G/H. Her measurements are 36” high bust, 40” full bust, 33” waist, and 40” hips.

Ava is wearing a size 2 E/F. Her measurements are 31” high bust, 34.5” full bust, 26” waist, and 35” hips.

See more of Whitney’s makes on Instagram at @tomkatstitcherycarmel.

Kirsty’s Moto Jacket

For her Canton, Kirsty chose a 13 oz upcycled denim with a Liberty lining, giving it a more casual and timeless look with a pop of visual interest underneath. She made a size 14 G/H graded to a size 16 waist. She chose View B and used the full bicep sleeve.

Her measurements are 39” high bust, 44” full bust, 38” waist, and 52” hips.

Here’s what Kirsty shared about her Canton Moto Jacket:

“The Canton was a complicated but satisfying sew. I enjoyed being able to take my time through each step, and as normal with Cashmerette patterns, when I trusted the instructions it all came together perfectly. I am looking forward to warmer weather and being able to wear this as a layering piece over dresses. I feel very put together while wearing it!”

Check out more of what Kirsty is making over on Instagram at @KiwiSewsWien.

Shereé’s Canton Moto Jacket

Shereé is neutral chic with her faux suede ponte Canton. Dazzlingly versatile, this take on the Canton Moto Jacket has the makings of a permanent outerwear wardrobe staple that she can wear day or night. She made a size 8 E/F graded to a size 14 at the waist and then back to 8 at the hip. She chose View A.

Her measurements are 34” high bust, 38” full bust, 33” waist, and 39” hips.

Shereé had this to say about her Canton Moto Jacket:

“The instructions were written very clearly and I was able to produce a beautiful jacket. Overall, I am very proud of this jacket and I would love to try the cropped version next.”

Follow along with more of Shereé’s makes at @shereethomas30 and on her YouTube Channel.

Kari’s Canton Moto Jacket

Kari’s classic take on the Canton Moto Jacket is comfortable and polished using View A with a lovely wool blend and poly fabric lining. She made a size 16 with an E/F cup graded to a 20 at the hip with the full bicep sleeve.  Her measurements are 41” high bust, 45” full bust, 39” waist, and 50” hips.

Kari shared this about her Canton:

“The Canton was a challenge to sew, but the result is lovely. The overall fit of the jacket is excellent. I can wear a sweater easily under the jacket without feeling like my movement is inhibited in any way. I think it’s a classic piece to add to my wardrobe.”

Check out more of Kari’s fabulous makes at @littlebrickhouse.

Sarah’s Canton Moto Jacket

Sarah’s Canton is satisfyingly sew-tastic! The wool/poly blend together with the cropped bodice, gold hardware, and pop of pink lining is cozy, feminine, and totally biker chic. She made a size 10 with a C/D cup and chose View B. Her measurements are 35” high bust, 45” full bust, 39” waist, and 50” hips.

Sarah had this to say about her Canton:

“This pattern was really satisfying to sew! This was unlike anything I’ve sewn before, so it was one of those patterns that made you feel like you leveled-up. Every time I’ve worn it, someone asks if I made it and they’re shocked when I say yes!”

Check out what Sarah is sewing over on Instagram at @thelilacelk

Sew your own Canton Moto Jacket

If you’re feeling inspired to start sewing your own curve-friendly moto jacket, then let’s get going! The Canton Moto Jacket is available to all to purchase as an individual pattern, but you can get the Canton PDF pattern FREE when you join Cashmerette Club at the All Access level by March 31st!

This offer is available to current All Access members as well as new All Access members who join by March 31, 2023.

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  1. Carole Williams says:

    What a fabulous selection of looks. And so many of them are my sizes and show me how to look good. Such a lot of talented abd visionary sewists.

    1. Liane McConnell says:

      What an inspiring post! Thanks for including all the details. It’s helpful to see the body measurements and where each maker started and what adjustments they made. Every one of these is jackets is a wonderful.

  2. DAPHNE says:

    I am so excited to see this!!! I have wanted one of these jackets forever but being a J cup,, I needed you guys to do that!!!! THANKS! The models look terrific!!!

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