February 7, 2023

Exciting news! MyBodyModel is now part of Cashmerette (+ 3 special offers)

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some BIG NEWS here at Cashmerette: MyBodyModel is now part of the Cashmerette family! And you can save up to 90% on MyBodyModel credits—keep reading to learn more.

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this exciting news with you: MyBodyModel is now part of Cashmerette!

With MyBodyModel, you can get your own printable and digital fashion sketchbook and draw your fashion designs on a body model that looks like you. That’s what makes MyBodyModel an amazing resource for sewists and makers everywhere, and you can continue to view free previews and purchase credits on MyBodyModel.com in the same way that you’ve always done.

But as a special treat to Cashmerette Club members, we’ve got three special offers: Base members get 30% off MyBodyModel, Plus members get 60% off, and All Access members get 90% off! Keep reading to learn more about MyBodyModel and these special offers.

Current Club members—check your email or the Club dashboard to get your exclusive discounts.

Cashmerette + MyBodyModel

When Erica, the founder of MyBodyModel, announced the closing of MyBodyModel in 2022, I (Jenny) got in touch with her. We quickly realized that our missions aligned: to empower makers like you to design and create amazing garments that make you feel fabulous. Cashmerette and MyBodyModel are both long-time champions of body positivity in the maker community, and we’re both thrilled that MyBodyModel has found a new home with Cashmerette.

As a long-time fan of MyBodyModel myself, I’m so excited to help enable this incredible tool to continue serving the crafting community.

What does this mean for existing MyBodyModel users? It means that MyBodyModel lives on and your access to credits and croquis will be uninterrupted.

What is MyBodyModel and how do I use it?

Being able to picture how your me-made garments will look on your body is an essential part of the sewing and wardrobe planning process. But traditional fashion illustrations use unreal figures that barely resemble us mere mortals. So MyBodyModel was designed to make realistic fashion croquis (sketch templates) to your body specific measurements.

MyBodyModel makes custom fashion croquis templates (body outline sketches) with your real body measurements. Get your own printable and digital fashion sketchbookand draw your fashion designs—either with pen and paper or digitally using your favorite sketching app—on a body model that looks like you.

MyBodyModel is free to try! It takes just a few minutes to take your measurements using the free Measurement Guide. Then enter your measurements in the website and get your free body model preview. You can even fine tune your body model until it looks just right before you make your purchase.

MyBodyModel is a website-based app that you can use on your phone, tablet, or computer, including iOS and Android devices.

There are so many ways to use MyBodyModel! You can see how clothes will look on your body shape, try out patterns, fabrics, and yarn before committing, plan an intentional wardrobe, try new looks and explore your personal style, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take your measurements using the free MyBodyModel Measurements Guide
  2. Enter your measurements on the MyBodyModel website
  3. See a FREE preview of your body model
  4. Fine tune with optional adjustments
  5. Purchase your download package
  6. Start sketching!

Yup, it’s as simple as that!

Let’s take a look inside the MyBodyModel sketchbook:

What MyBodyModel makers are saying

MyBodyModel is the ideal sketching tool for makers—but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some of what MyBodyModel users are saying about their experience:

“I had gotten to a point that I never wanted to sew for myself because what I saw on the pattern front and how it looked on me were not the same thing. It was very discouraging. By using MyBodyModel I was able to ‘try on’ a pattern before spending all that time & money to see if it was actually something that would look good on MY body. It helped me see what design lines & proportions were better for my body shape and size. I am much more confident in sewing for myself again.” – Holly


“MyBodyModel has made me more adventurous in my clothing choices. It’s also helped me gain more confidence in the clothes I’m sewing. I can make small adjustments like moving the waistline on a dress and it completely changes the garment. That’s a lot easier to do with a sketch than a final garment.” -Sierra


“As a plus-sized woman I never really know what a garment would look like on me since the pattern photos are of thinner women. Using MyBodyModel allows me to see what the finished garment will look like on me, in the fabric that I like. I try out ideas now that I would have passed over before; it turns out that there are more styles that I like in my body than I thought!” -Debbie


“I am not very brave, style-wise. I am afraid to try new or unfamiliar styles and am unwilling to take expensive risks on patterns and fabrics that could end up being a fail. It’s so freeing to sit and sketch a pattern on my body and look at it objectively, on a drawing on paper instead of later once you’ve put all that time in and your looking in the mirror with it on your actual body. If it doesn’t work – you throw away the paper and the sewing idea, instead of feeling upset and bad about yourself. Every sewist needs this, but I would especially say that every risk-resistant sewist needs this!” -Tiahna


“When my little person was generated (quickly) I literally gasped and grinned ear to ear. I took in the broad shoulders, long/straight waist and flat chest and didn’t see flaws—I saw POSSIBILITIES! So many outfits to sketch and dream and SEW!! It’s amazing. Seriously.” -Michelle

Read more testimonials over on the MyBodyModel website here.

Your MyBodyModel Questions, Answered

I don’t know how to draw. Can I still use MyBodyModel?

Absolutely! There’s no art teacher looking over your shoulder here—you can practice and sketch and make lots of mistakes in the process (that’s what erasers are for, isn’t it?). When you sign up for the MyBodyModel newsletter, you’ll get instant access to our “Fashion Drawing for Absolute Beginners” 3 video course bundle, and you can also read about how one maker overcame the “I can’t draw” mindset here.

I already have a MyBodyModel account. Will I retain my account and all of my credits?

You will! You’ll have uninterrupted access to your MyBodyModel account and credits, and all of the MyBody croquis you’ve created.

I don’t yet have a MyBodyModel account. Can I access it through my Cashmerette account?

You’ll need to create a MyBodyModel account to start creating croquis and to download your fashion sketchbook. Creating an account is quick and easy! You can do so here.

Do I need to be a Cashmerette Club member to use MyBodyModel?

You don’t! You can try MyBodyModel for free and purchase credits and credit packs without restriction. But if you want to save big on MyBodyModel credits, you can join Cashmerette Club (and get tons more perks, too!).

Is MyBodyModel going to change now that it’s part of Cashmerette?

MyBodyModel will continue on just as it is today, but we’re excited to bring MyBodyModel to an even wider audience and expand the impact of this amazing tool even more in the future.

Let’s start sketching!

If you’re ready to start designing the well-fitting wardrobe of your dreams, then let’s get going! Try MyBodyModel for free, then start sketching with one of our three special offers:


Get 30% off MyBodyModel when you join Cashmerette Club as a Base member.


Get 60% off MyBodyModel when you join Cashmerette Club as a Plus member.


Get 90% off MyBodyModel when you join Cashmerette Club as an All Access member.

6 thoughts on “Exciting news! MyBodyModel is now part of Cashmerette (+ 3 special offers)

  1. Vickey says:

    Question…is this a one time snapshot of the body or can you change your croque as your weight and dimensions change?

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Vickey, when you download the sketchbook, it becomes a one-time snapshot (and can’t be edited), but you can edit your body model as much as you want before that and/or create as many croquis previews as you’d like.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  2. LUCY A BARRON says:

    Do you have to rebuy the croquis if you lose weight and your shape changes?

    1. Ayelet says:

      When you download your croquis and sketchbook, it can’t be edited, so you would need to purchase and download it again if your body changes.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  3. Susan Marley says:

    I have had an account with MyBodyModel for years now. Now that I am also an all access member of Cashmerette, I would like to purchase credits. I am trying to use the Promo Code, and I keep getting the message that the code is not complete. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong? TIA

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Susan, feel free to email us at hello@cashmerette.com and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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